Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am arguing with an Idiot!!!!

One day it will be the sunset of our lives....

I have heard all my life, it is better for someone to think you simple, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

We are back at the hospital for our shift with Sonny. Today he is lucid. Well with his long term memory. Short term isn’t as good.
I am arguing with an idiot! I have heard that to. Do you know what? Everyone argues with an idiot. The person you are arguing with, must be a complete idiot. Well that is what you think. You know what? That guy or gal thinks the same about you. So my educated opinion is that everyone is an idiot that argues. That is deducting logic. So I call it. Now of course me and you are the exception, no one would think we are in the idiot class. LOL.

Really, very few folks opinions change due to an argument. We do change our opinions over the years. As I get older there is less things that are Black or White. A lot more gray areas develop. I think that is healthy.
The majority of humans in this life do the best they can. We make the best decisions we know how. Very few folks set out to make our lives miserable. Oh, I know there are crooks that will steal your stuff, there are very mean folks who would even kill you for what you have, but they are in a very small minority. It has been that way since the beginning of time.

I just think if we all realized the other guy is not just trying to pi$$ you off. He is just doing the best he can. Some folks best is not up to our standards. Much of it is determined by their up-bringing or environment. As a whole the most of us are good folk. So if the other is not necessarily coming up to your standards, don’t shoot him, it ain’t always his fault. He might not be as smart as you.

If you are a died in the wool Democrat, argue all you want, you are not going to convince the died in the wool Republican to change his mind. Now that does not mean you are right or he is right, it means you have a completely different view on things.

So far in my life, I have not seen a big difference in our country no matter who was in control the Dems or Repubs. It goes on politics a usual. We like to think if our guy was in things would be peachy, when he is in we say if the others would cooperate with him all would be great.
It is all excuses to say I wish things were MY WAY!

Few facts, just my opinion. Of course if you don’t agree with me, well you know……. Hahahahahahah LOL RLOL

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I will quote the good old guy, Rodney King: Why can’t we all just get along?


Paula said...

I agree why can't we all just get along. I got a kick out of you saying "shoot" in your comment in my entry. I've wanted to say that a lot here but always think people may actually think I'm refering to a gun. lol Shoot

Debbie said...

Does arguing with yourself count? Open my mouth and the tongue goes to wagging when I actually should have bitten it and kept my mouth shut. I can be a pretty big idiot sometimes but I try not to be. I couldn't live up to many folks standards but I'm who I am. Our opinions do change with age, it's all part of the growing process, generations before us did the same as will the generations after us.

I hope Sonny is getting relief from his pain. I also hope that you and Sherry can get get a little rest tonight if that is possible at a hospital.


Lucy said...

I try to taLK TO MYSELF WHENI AM PUZZLED AS TO HOW TO DO SOMETHING or if I should but I have discovered one thing. I should not be near a computer when I am upset with someone. I will write out all my frustrations ND THINK "I won't send it cause I don't want that person to know what I am thinking" and almost ,always by the time I am done, I hit the send button Then I want it back. I will never learn. I am glad Sonny is lucid and that is so common with older people that are VERY sick, the long term memory is better than short term. I am sorry to hear Sonny is back in the hospital. This has got to be hard for Sherry and you both. Lucy

Lucy said...

Ok, I just wrote about arguing and it disappearded. It even posted to your blog. I saew it with my own 4 eyes and it is gone. Hope Sonny gets better soon or whatever is meant to be will be. It is colder than heck here but no snow but in the western part of the state schools are closed. Our high is supposed to be 39. todAY.

Lucy said...

Help, it just reappeared!!! That is not nice to do to a old lady that is never sure what is going on anyway.