Friday, April 24, 2009

More on the Appalachian TRail

Looking down on one of the many lakes along the Trail.
We talk about R& R on the trail is is Rocks and Roots. Rocks above and Roots below.

Our second try at section hiking...

The next year we did return to Standing Indian and hiked to Roan Mountain in Tennessee. That included the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

We decided to do a leap frog trip with our tow vehicle and motor home. We found a camp ground near Winding Stair Gap at Franklin, NC. Great folks they stored the motor home for $1 a night, never saw it so cheap before or after. We then drove the tow vehicle to Fontana Dam in NC, and started walking back toward Winding stairs. About 80 miles I think. It was a good hike. One night we had made camp and it was near dusk. I spied a young girl, about 17 just a getting it up the trail.

“Aren’t you pitching a tent for the night?” I called.
“Not yet she said I still have a few miles to go.” We passed the time of day, told her where the next water was, and she took off into the evening. That was one tough lady. We met a lot of them from 16 to 70 hiking alone, with no fear of the night, animals or other worries. Hardy ladies out to prove nothing to others, mostly to themselves. You have to admire them.

One night in that section, we pitched our tents, cooked our noodles and settled in. I looked up on the mountain and saw a cave with a rock in the front that looked exactly like an angel as the sun hit it. It was an amazing moment and beautiful.

WE actually pushed the last day on that section. I think we walked 17 miles, a record for us on the trail. But when we came out at Winding stair Gap, we were beat. It was five or six miles down the highway to the motor home. We hitched a ride. Yeah, we hitchhiked. Sherry didn’t think she would ever do it, but she did.

A nice older couple stopped to pick us up. The lady said her daughter was a hiker and had told her if she ever saw backpackers to give them a ride. They took us right to our Motor home door. They are called angels on the trail, and they definitely are.

We drove the motor home to Fontana Dam to pick up the tow vehicle and headed to Virginia on the other end of the Smokies to find a camp ground.
Next section for that year was The Great Smoky Mountains, 100 miles with only one road, and not supply towns.
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Lucy said...

Love the pictures and you are the best darn story teller I have met for a long while. I am with the girls. Dr. was nice, thorough and another MRI tomorrow . I will become addicted to that tube. I asked if he thought it could just be old age and he said not likely. Tomorrow just the front , my chest aND FRONT OF OLD WHIPLASh injury. Lots of arthritis with scar tissue in neck. Stupid drunk. The guy that hit me. I hope they all know what insurance does not cover may take a very long time to get paid off.

Jean said...

My youngest son is a hiker he just got back last week from a Gila Wilderness trip he goes some where every year. Last year on one of the trips he stepped on a limb and it stuck in his leg lucky his friend that was with him was a doctor and he fixed him up, but he has a deep scar on his leg. I love the pictures and stories you have to tell about your trip. Take care, jean

Sheila Y said...

I might like the hiking but I would be scared to go alone. Hope you get the chance to finish the trail. Sheila

shirl72 said...

Happy Trails to you, till we meet again.
Beautiful pictures I will just cheer you on
from home.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos, you could have taken them here in Orford! When I start hiking the mountain trails in the summer, I'll be posting photos, you'll see the similarities! Nice story too, keep 'em comin'!