Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today is another oddity, this may become a habit. Sherry wanted to go to the hospital and stay with Sonny today, and I felt like I needed to be here. The asphalt men were here waiting for information from the asphalt company and truck drivers. I am used to sub contractor and contractors telling me, over the phone, they will not be here or I can’t make it because ‘I cannot get the concrete or asphalt’. When I get those phone calls I take them with a grain of salt. Could be the truth or they may be just fibbing because they landed a larger job or one that paid more. I know that happens, most of the time it doesn’t bother me. However when the man has his equipment and men standing around, I know he is wanting material. He isn’t paying these guys for the fun of it.
So Sherry left for the Hospital and Lee and his men left, saying he might be back. I wanted to take that as WE will not be back, because that is what I figured. But I could not be certain. They did not come back but neither has my Sherry.
I moved a swing to Shirl’s rough area where we used to keep two or three swings. I love the wooded area in the shade to just sit in the evenings and relax. I sanded it down. One of the tenants had painted it black. I made the swings from treated wood, they do not need to be painted. Shirl may want to paint it, she mentioned brown. We might do that.
I rehung our gate, so Shirl will remain in a gated community. LOL. And then, Just for the fun of it (evidently). I ran the side grinder, I was using to cut the swing chain, into my left hand. Seems I cannot work unless I cut, puncture, scrape or paint myself. I think it satisfies my psyche that I have been working. I enjoy the peroxide, alcohol, and triple ointment. We had some large band aids from some other injury, worked good. This is the first grinder wound I ever had, it is neat, the blood oozes out all along the grind. I guess that is what you call it. Does this sound bad?...... GOOD! Well it is only an inch or so long, I had better tell the truth. I should have gone with Sherry to visit Sonny, huh? WE all know hind sight is very good.
Hope you all are having a great day. Are we out of the depression yet? You know we expect things fixed fast.
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
Don & Evelyn are due in from Florida this Sat or Sunday. We normally come basck up after them, but this time was a little different. Oh, I met Agnes She wanted me to speak in Sept or Nov. No can do, we be South by September. She is a nice, VOCAL, lady. She is quick to says who she doesn’t like and don’t like in city Government. She has just remodeled one of the older homes here in Belmont. It is a beautiful home and she put mega-bucks into the renovation. She knows the heirs, whoever they be, will never get the money back out of the house, but she plans to stay there until she departs this world.


Paula said...

Sorry for your injury. I was about to faint from the blood untill I read it is an inch long. Hope it doesn't hurt too much and hope Sherry is home safely now.

shirl72 said...

Welcome to the world of doing things in old age.
I either hammer my finger, or the hand saw jumps
and does a number. I can trip over something in
the yard and take a fall. I didn't know you hurt
yourself we could have call 911 and had some
excitement. I glad to hear from the "LORD" on my blog. I guess I need to eat healthy until age 90 if I make it.


Sheila Y said...

How did you manage not to pass out from that 'huge' inch long oozing injury? or did you just delete that part from your entry...ha. Hope you had a nice day despite your injury. Take care and heal soon, Sheila