Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friends? yeah I have at least one.

You see in the background Lee's paving equipment, supposed to pave tomorrow.
I built three display racks to display the books in stores if I ever hear from them. There are wheels on the back and it can be moved around to a convient location or outside to catch walking traffic. They drag like the rolling luggage.

Home sweet home, itching to hit the road.

This is a closer look at the front I put my pretty face on the stands.
Today's plagerized title... Friends, friendship...

Our friend, Paula, I don’t even know whether she prefers Pauline or Paula, but she causes you to think. In her entry yesterday she spoke of friendships. It got me to thinking.

Sherry has many local friends here in Belmont because she lived here for 18 years. She was in grade school through graduation with many of the same folks. It is hard to shop with her or go to a restaurant without running into someone she knows.

So I got to thinking, why don’t I have so many friends? Well I got to counting I have lived in many places; let’s see if I have any friends from them:
Gastonia, NC.. No;
Shelby, NC... No;
High Shoals, NC..No;
Burlington, NC.. Sonny Turner;
Albemarle, NC.. VonDale Tucker;
Valdese, NC..Jim & Bub Page & Betty;
Belmont, NC..Sherry, Martha, Margaret, Buddy, Don, Evelyn, Ed, Sonny, Elmer, Adcocks, Sticky, Billy, Darby, George, Sammy;
Jacksonville, NC..Dallas & Marion Fletcher;
USS Vermillion AKA107..No;
USS Westchester County LST1167..No;
Belmont, NC..Repeat
Biloxi, NC..The Matthews, Colemans, Mathey’s, The Brannens;
Kirksville, MO..No;
Charlotte, NC..No;
Moberly, MO ..Conrads, Guffeys;
New Hope, NC..Moody’s, Allens;
Belmont, NC (repeat);
Norfolk, VA..Ambersons;
Great Lakes, Ill .. no;
Washington, DC.. no;
USS Independence;
Bainbridge, MD .. no;
Gitmo, Cuba..Farrs;
Albany, GA .. Dan & Joan Doughton, Jim & Jean Proffitt;
Key West, FL..No;
Washington DC ..No;
Charlotte, NC .. repeat
Mt. Holly, NC..No;
Belmont, NC repeat;
The Overland Motor Home..No;
Tavares, FL.. The Carters, McCoys, Woods;
Monaco Diplomat .. Internet friends.
I did not list the internet friends, but I have a few I consider friends, and I do treasure the acquaintances.
WE lived in some of the places two or three times. My lifetime Average stay = 2 years 2 .12 months (You don’t grow many roots at that rate).(Sherry’s lifetime averages 3 years 2.72 months) She gained because she was in Belmont for 18 years straight. I lived in six towns during that time.

I counted 33 places I have lived and 39 or 40 friends and acquaintances. Is that good? Of those names, we keep in contact with about 24. I didn’t know I had that many friends. I guess I should take time to count them more often and be thankful for them.
As far as I know there are only two people who personally do not like me. One is Kin, and he is sure he has reason not to like me; the other one, I took his fiancĂ© out on a date, he probably still doesn’t care for me (I don’t blame him). As far as I know all my old customers still will speak to me. Paula mentioned she had an ex-renter who was still her friend. That speaks well. Come to think of it, I guess I had one renter who doesn’t care for me. She was absolutely wrong.

But then of course I have a brother in law who says: I have never met the guilty party yet, in their eyes they are right. So I am sure that applies in that case also.
Anyway, I may not have many real close friends, but the ones I have I am very proud of, they make my life more pleasant.
I met Sherry when I was 15, married her when I was 17. She is, of course, my very best friend. She also is my ears, for which I am very thankful. . ( BEST of ALL, we walk together and sleep together, but don’t tell anyone!)
Thanks for coming this way,
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Helen said...

I like those book stands. You did a great job. Most of my friends have dwindled away over the years. I have my internet friends though. I love them. Helen

shirl72 said...

I don't know how I missed yesterday's blog. I
must have retired early. Jack You have more
friends than me. We have lots of acquaintance.
You have all those friends in Fl. I didn't see
Greta on your list. I love my friends that I
blog with I consider them my friends. Greta
I have know since HS. I left some friends
in Charlotte. We still talk. I don't think I
will count mine I am going to pretend everybody
likes me. HEE HEE HEE


Rose said...

Well, you can certainly count me as one of your Internet Friends!

I love the book stands.

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack...those book stands are great...and your picture no get everyone's attention??? LOL...and friends...we hve lotsa friends...but we are so scattered..hard to keep in touch with them all...cannot say we have any friends here in KY...but have some great acquaintences!!! I always wanted a could borrow a cup of sugar from....or would talk over the back fence with you for a while...or would call and say "want to go to Walmart"....never had one of you say..military and moving around isn't a good "friend finder"....but my online friends...those I have met and those I haven't....are great!!! happy day to ya friend....hugs...Ora

Paula said...

The book display cases are really nice. I think you have more friends then you think you do. Ora speaking of a cup of sugar made me think of a friend I still have mostly by telephone. She admitted years later that she came over to borrow a cup of sugar just for a way to meet me her new neighbor.

Lucy said...

Jack big time apology for mistaking what you said in your blog. I truly thought and more or less said I was shocked that you would be a member of the group. Dobbs is a off and on again guy. I like him once in a while. I do truly apologize for the mistake on the way I read it. I think I was raised not to want a gun around but I know deep down that it is unrealistic to feel that strongly about them. I love your book displays. How cool. You do know I want that book so I can figure out how to die and truly accept whatever comes my way. I ordered it just like now but was not sure that you understood that I really do want it. Lucy Now I can go write my blog. I could not wait to tell you how sorry I am about misreading that. I thought "Oh no, not my friend the gentle , joking Jack.

Lindie said...

I moved around a lot too and have lost touch with so many friends. I have been battling with depression and isolating myself which I have to stop. The other day 3 old friends called me and I have made a resolution to call more and be a better friend.

Terri said...

I love the book stands...great job!

You have lived in so many places...WOW!

You have lots of friends, including me :)

Hope ya'll have a lovely weekend