Monday, April 13, 2009

This is the Alaskan pipeling crossing a river, South on the Richardson Highway. From The FAirbanks end.
Sherry and Kat looking at an ice sculptor of a bull moose. You cannot see his antlers well, but they were thin ice.

If you go to Alaska you must see Chicken Alsaska. Population 35, Just to say you have been to Chicken. It is down from the Top of the world Highway, the road is 95 miles of scrub board road. I want to go back, Sherry doesn't want to see the road again. Reckon we will go?
Today's EXPLAINATION! Clarify two entries back! Called Let me go!

No, no , no!!!!! In my last entry I said just let me go, I didn’t say I didn’t want a bunch of crying and wailing. Shucks I want Aunt Polly to fall into the casket yelling why did he have to go so young. I want folks to stay up all night telling stories of how good I was. I want Uncle John to lean in and say ‘He was such a sweet child, the good die so young!”

I can’t wait for all, all my old girl friends (BOTH OF THEM! Or was it just one?) to come by crying! Challenging the heights, “Why couldn’t he have been mine!!!!” While their rich husbands stand by and can do nothing about it.
No Sister, I still want a commotion, a three day wake(maybe more). I know you will furnish some of the best food, since I did not live long enough to collect the inheritance.
Be sure and sit me up in the casket so I can see what is going on. Offer me some banana pudding, I love banana pudding. I won’t take it of course, but I will appreciate the offer.
Have Smokey sing ‘He will be coming around the mountain’, OH yes, and the ‘Cowboy’s lament,” I love that one. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you could hire the Sons of the Pioneers to back Smoke up.
No lady, you took that entry all wrong, Cry your eyes out, faint I want everybody to have a good time, but try to be real SAD!!!!!!
So when it comes my time, Let me GO!, But mourn like the dickens!

I Love you all, BUT, if I go before the next entry. You are all invited to my wake; Sister Shirl will gladly pay your way and the motel etc. She is going to miss me, boy that is for sure.
Thanks for coming by for the invitation,
Nite ShipsLog

PS: ***Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?
***Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?
***If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress? ***If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?


Lucy said...

You all have the best pictures, aND YOU WILL BE MOURNED, I PROMISE even if some fillin's have to be brought in. Your comment was there. I was just fiddlinmg around as usual. Once the computer gets so poorly, I figure might as well do all I can do.

Anonymous said...

Your posts always give me a giggle. I'd love to say "Yeah, I'm from Chicken", lol.

Helen said...

I can see the outline of that Moose antlers. Bet it was a pretty thing to see.
Good grief, you are asking for a lot when you go. Helen

shirl72 said...

If I am still around I will go to the homeless
shelter and pay all those guys $10.00 each for them to attend the wake. I will ask for volunteers from a church to come. I will do my best to give you your wishes. Maybe you will have some more banana pudding soon. We will get
the Joyful Trio and the Sunshine Boys to do the
music Sonny, Don, Smoke.


Paula said...

John has seen the Alaskan pipeline. He has two sisters who live in Anchorage. I stayed in Texas and had peace and quiet, visited old friends, ate when and what I wanted, and slept as long as I wanted. Hummm think its about time for him to go again. I wish I had sent you a forward I got of a dead man sitting in his recliner in front off a football game with a beer by his side and chairs in a semi circle for the guests.

Anonymous said...

all this talk of leaving...well go...if you must...but you will be missed...and I will cry...specially if I don't get to meet up with you before you "ride off into the sunset???" LOLOL...and about that brother was one of the senior surveyors for that pipeline...sent home some interesting stories...and made a hunk of money...he is retired a good life...or was the last time I talked with him...or rather last time my dau Amy talked with him...LOL..oh Jack you are so funny....happy day...hugs...Ora

Terri said...


Been missin ya'll.....had to get online and see what i've been missin out on :)

Hope ya'll have a great weekend