Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Hair dooooo's, and my story of hair.

Poor Evelyn, seems that she is getting old before her time. She is shrinking.
Okay, this is my girls and their 'DOOOO's' Since this is hair-do, or let's all feel better week I just has to post them. Shirls is brand new and Sherry's is a day old. I love it when the girls are happy with their hair!!!!!
Now my hair story!!!! So very exciting, hold on to your hat....

Hair do’s. I mentioned once that Sherry used to go to her niece to get her hair repaired or fixed. I always went to a barber shop. Sherry started making appointments for me to get my hair done. Did I tell you I have never like appointments? Well I have never liked appointments since I left the military. In the Military it was an order not an appointment. Anyway, of course if mama says do it, you do it.
My hair was getting thin and grey. So it was decided that I would have my hair colored or frosted or something. Now this is really funny. I got this bag on my head, everything stinks. I sit there for the appointed time. Now mind you, I could be somewhere driving nails, but I patiently sit there.
Then the magic time, we all can’t wait, I am going to be young and beautiful again. As the cover starts off, the hair dresser says, OH NO! Now any time you hear that, you know it is akin to a surgeon saying ‘OOPS”. I had the prettiest head of green hair. The girls are crying I think it is hysterical, I love it. I am going to enjoy this, I am ready to go back to work.
Well through the tears I am told I cannot leave. WE CAN FIX IT! I am not happy, I don’t want it fixed.
( Shoot when the movie ‘The boy with green hair’ came to our town in the late forties/early fifties the theater announced anyone with green hair got in free. Tuck and me bought a bottle of green food coloring, got us some green hair.)
WE got in free. Saved 9 cents a piece, total of 18 cents. Coloring cost 25 cents. I have always been good with arithmetic. Anyway I charged it to daddy at the store, so I didn’t pay the 25 cents.
You can't fix fuzzy green meat, but beauticians can fix green hair, but it takes another hour. Less nails get driven. That is my hair story. IT is good to remember that at one time I had hair, I would settle for green hair now, I would fit right in.
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog

I found out later, no body cared about my green hair. It was a beauticians reputation we were worried about. If I left I couldn't have advertised what happened and with whom.

ADULT: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.

BEAUTY PARLOR: A place where women curl up and dye.

CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people.

CHICKENS: The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.


Helen said...

Great picture and cute green hair story LOL. Helen

Terri said...

Shirl and Sherry look beautiful as ever in that their new "Do"...

HAHAHA@ your hair story...too funny...too bad we didn't have a pic of that :)


Anonymous said...

The girls look just beautiful...I always feel better when my hair looks good...girl thing??? huh??? and the green hair get into the movie...I would have turned green LOLOL..and I was doing ok reading your blog until I got to the last item...chicken...before and after dead...and I just got a new cookbook...about a zillion ways to cook chicken!!!...think I will put it back for a while LOLOLOL...and I love chicken...before...and after...eggs....LOLOL..hugs and happy day...Ora

shirl72 said...

I sure to look on old on this picture your
camera is bad. I forget I am old. I think my DO
got messed up walking from the Condo to the Motor Home. I told Wonda to snip it and she took to much off. I guess I will have to let it
grow again. I should have cut it myself next time I will. Next I will frost it and then a permanent. Our hair problems never end.


Sheila Y said...

Great picture of your girls, but I can't believe we don't get to see a picture of the green hair!!You all have a great Thursday, Sheila

Paula said...

Two pretty girls you got there and I liked the green hair story. Didn't like the comment about chicken too much though. lol

Lucy said...

Shirl and Sherry you look beautiful with your DO'S, See Jack is proud of you both!!! I would have given anything to have seen the green hair on Jack. One question, Jack if you had your little beard , did they try to dye that to match you up??? I think my daughter and I wsill be fine now and thanks for caring, Shirl.

Debbie said...

Sherry and Shirl look great in their new hairdo's! HAHAHA @ you having green hair and loving it if you had gone back to work like that your crew would have thought they were working for a martian from Mar's. I bet you could have had a lot of fun out of it though. I can just imagine what you would have come up with.