Monday, March 16, 2009

Singing and Repair

Sunday was a busy day. We got up EARLY (I, at 8AM) Sherry earlier. Girls have to take more time to look beautiful. Boys look the same when they get up as they did when they went to bed. Anyway I said if I get up on time we will drive to Winston Salem, (the home of Winstons and Salems). Stephen was singing in the Mars Hill Quartet at the Griffith Baptist Church. Jack, his dad, drove up to surprise him, he was working and drove up(3hr round trip) just for the 30 mins. Of singing, then slipped out and came back to Charlotte.
The Quartet sings beautifully, as you would expect of music majors. They sang acappella. Of course Stephen was the best. There were some others (parents and Grandparents and such) that thought someone else was best. HA! They all did real well we were so very proud of them. This is graduation year, I can hardly believe it. The twins have stuck it out, I hope they are rewarded for their efforts, even in a bad economy.
On a more SERIOUS NOTE…….
Living here in the motor home is not much different than living in a house as far as maintenance goes. We have leaks, breaks, power failures, burned out bulbs, squeaky doors, fuses blown and circuit breakers tripped. The refrigerator is not self defrosting so it has to be defrosted. I usually gripe a little and then fix whatever is broken or wrong.

There are some perks that go along with being the handy man. Just last night from the shower I heard some loud grumbling, and then my name was called. Now when you know SHE is in the shower, all soapy and slick, you don’t care what the problem is I want to check it out. One of the perks your average plumber doesn’t have.
(back ground..We only have a ten gallon water heater in the motor home, so when a lady washes her hair she must turn the water off while she shampoos. The hand held shower has a little knob to pause the flow of water. It was stuck)
The shower is frosted glass and she tries to hand the shower head over the top so I can turn it. HA! She ain’t getting off that light. “Stand back lady, I must come in and fix it in the shower. SOOOOOOOOOOO! I did.” (Of course I had to move some soap suds in the process!!!!) Ahhhh, the perks of the motorhome repairman. (Of course I treated the whole incident like I was a doctor, I paid no attention to the beautiful female body! Just like doctors!))
AT my age, I am set for weeks now. Hahahahahaah! My grandkids can skip this entry, forget you read it. Grandpa does not do that stuff!
Nite Shipslog
'Those who hammer their guns into plows will
plow for those who do not.' ~ Thomas Jefferson

The advantage of exercising everydayis that you die healthier.


Helen said...

Good thing you are the handyman LOL. Helen

Lucy said...

All that needs to be said is "that showert not working is the best thing that has happened to you in a longf time, I bet." Lol Lucy

Anonymous said...

LOL...I read it...I didn't believe you did that!!!!! in the shower!!!???!!! bet you had fun LOLOL....happy day to ya...Ora

Melanie said...

A goose in the shower is just good clean fun...lmaoooooo


shirl72 said...

Your Sister is reading your blog, don't worry
about your Grandkids. That's life as Frank Sinatra will say. Be careful what you say on this blog all your Grandkids read it plus a lot
of your Church Friends. Speaking of reputation.
I may have to make a trip to your preacher.
You suggest you clean-up your act.


Sheila Y said...

We all know our kids or grandkids are always the best in the show...ha. Glad you got up in time to go... :) Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

Of course your grand kid was the best. I bet Sherry is going to slap you when she reads this. It made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Your warning to your grandkids should have been at the beginning!

Lucy said...

Get him Shirl, and I agree with Linde but I bet your grandkids know more than you do about somethings. Happy St. Patty's day, Jack and Shirl and Sherry.

Debbie said...

Ain't nothing wrong with getting a little thrill when ya can no matter how old you are. I'm thinkin' ya probably got a sexy smile while you were moving those soap suds out of your way. Even if you did get a tongue lashing from your older sister for embarrassing her, hahaha.

It's great you and Sherry got the chance to see your grandson perform on Sunday. I know how proud you are of both of them.


Terri said... crack me up Jack!