Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am not sure if I understand this Stimulus package. In my life I have found it is impossible to borrow yourself out of debt. I have also wondered who we owe all this money to, the trillions in our national debt. IF we are in this bad a shape, why don’t we default, and start all over. Someone said we borrowed from China, but I could not confirm that. So what, tell ‘em to come and collect! If we are going to nationalize the banks (which I do not like) it seems like we are headed toward socialism which really scares me.

I will take one state and the stimulus package. No I won’t. It would not load. So I will tell you NC has submitted approx 2 trillion dollars in projects. Every state except WV has done the same. They know every project will not be accepted so they shotgun it by sending in everything to confuse the folks who are trying to decide where the money goes. The state can tell their citizens they submitted each project that is asked about, and in true (political) conscience can say, “We tried.”

I remember a statement made by a wise man. He said, “If you plan to rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s support.”

We had a lot of greedy people in America who caused this financial crisis. We had banks who loaned more than they should have. We had companies allowed to borrow more than they could pay back. We have had money grabbing CEO’s who took millions for doing basically nothing, and allowed their employees to suffer because they did not protect the retirement eggs.

We had greedy Union leaders that pushed some companies into default by their demands. They weren’t ready to tighten their belts when times required it. I remember once when son #1 was having trouble paying his rent. I mentioned he could buy five pounds of beans for the price of one lunch at McDonalds. He ate beans for two months. Cowboys used to do that. When times call for it, you tighten your belt, suck it in and ride the storm. That is what the little guy does, or used to. If the leaders would do that we could easily make it through the bad times. They could go back to their six and seven digit salaries and we could eat hamburger and a steak occasionally.

BUT EVERYONE MUST DO IT, to make it work.I did not mean to get this long. Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog

Before you spend, look in the wallet.
Before you use the credit card, know what you have already put on it.
Don’t spend the tax refund until it is in your hand.


Paula said...

Lots of good advice here. Wish some young people could understand about credit cards. Most people don't even give it a thought of saving their tax refund for a rainy day.

shirl72 said...

I think I will go out and buy me a new car as soon as I get my stimulus money and if I can't
pay for it the Government will help. The salary
for the CEO's is what grips me and the Company's
that are still giving big bonus. I want them to stop spending my money.


Anonymous said...

I listened to a lot of conversations on both sides about "duty," well, I think I understand duty, but I will say anyone can talk about it, but a selfish society(or person) often casts duty aside. I want to help people, I do feel to an extent that is one of my "duties," but if each person who is able does not do as much as he/she can, the hole will get deeper and deeper. It is already a whole that cannot be sustained let alone filled.

I've heard people say they can't wait to see more money in their checks. Where do they think that money is coming from? ~Mary

betty said...

again Mary said some wise words; she's one smart lady

I totally agree with what you said Jack; my husband said that we had borrowed money from China and that we want to borrow more money from China but they aren't sure they want to take on any more of ou debt (do you blame them)?? he's really up on news and whats going on so I have to trust what he said is accurate.

and then I keep thinking we aren't going to pull out of this unless we turn to the Lord and I don't see that is for an interesting time for sure ahead