Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The above picture shows a good reason for no tip. Sort of like AIG, they certainly do not deserve a TIP.

Just for the record, The system changed the warning to my grand kids, of course I put it up front of the entry. Didn’t I?
I wonder if they have cameras in the elevators here at the hospital? My favorite place to kiss grandma and …. between floors.
Warning.. Don’t read the above statement unless you are 35 years old.

WE went to Hardee’s on Monday morning. Sherry had labeled Monday as Louise day because that was the only time she got to sit and talk with Louise. The crowd was there. It was the first time I had had time to speak with my friend Ed since being home, it was good to see him.
Seniors gather at places like McDonalds and Hardees in their home towns, drink coffee and generally waste a morning just gabbing and remembering the past. A couple times in all our traveling we have been invited to join the small unit in one of the gathering places when we stopped for breakfast. Once we were asked to sign a get well card for one of their group that was in the hospital.
I have learned since retiring I can waste a morning and not feel guilty because I am not out working. Just visiting with friends has it’s rewards. I have noticed that not many personal problems are discussed, and that is good. It is just a time for old friends to cut up and share old stories.

This past Monday a lot of old music was discussed. I put my two cents worth in that I thought there was two kinds of music, Country and Rock & Roll. I also found out that a guitar and mandolin are tuned different and just because you play a guitar, doesn’t mean that you can play a mandolin. I was corrected that there is many types and styles of music. But I am not convinced. So there!
Oh, I got an e-mail from the Belmont Chief of Police. I had dropped by the police station to give him a copy of Rags. He was out to lunch. So I just left the book with the receptionist. He said he read sixteen chapters that night before putting it down. He is sending m a Belmont Police Department patch in the mail.

Nite Shipslog
Why do we live our lives regretting things in the past, when they cannot be changed?
Why do I wait for a funeral to make all these great promises to my self, I am going to eat better, I am going to love family more, I am going to visit some of my extended family, I am going live for now and not in the past, etc.
I have decided that Funerals make me lie to myself!!!!!!!


Helen said...

You put the warning below the paragraph so I had already read it LOL. Of course I am older tham 35. Older folks gather in places here like you speak of to gab every day also. Have a good one! OH! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and yours. Helen

Rose said...

I'm also older than 35!

We all love to gather and chit chat whether in person or online....that is what friends are for.

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

I went to community college at night when I was in my 20s. One of the locations was right across from a McDonalds. There were several older gentlemen who seemed to be there any time I stopped in. My friend & I would discuss our class(literature)on our "break" & after doing this a while the men started talking to us. They knew more about Kafka, Capote and Hemingway than we did :-)& a few times they helped us study. ~Mary

ps I regret some of my past, but I'm trying to make a better future.

shirl72 said...

Since you are getting in good with the Chief-of-
Police I wanted you to let me cancel my contract
that I signed to keep my mouth shut with I moved
back to Belmont. I know the answer is NO.
I will still be good but it AIN'T easy. Glad
the chief liked your book. I will introduce
myself as your sister if I get in trouble. Ha hee hee.



Debbie said...

My hometown doesn't have a restuarant anymore but it has a Fast Fuel that has tables set up that folks sit around and drink coffee and they did have a senior citizens building in the center of town that seniors would meet and drink coffee in the mornings. They built a new senior center a couple miles down the road but I don't know if they still serve coffee in the mornings I'm sure they do.

You probably make securities day much brighter while they watch you smooch in the elevator.

I had to go to Terri's neck of the woods today so I stopped by her house and picked up Rags. Not sure when I will get to start reading it because my right eye looks like Gary gave me a shiner guess that's what I get for smartin' him off, lol. Seriously, I guess cold has settled in it or something, swollen, red and blurry. Makes it kinda hard to read.


Sheila Y said...

It's a good thing the Chief is only sending you a patch, you could get into some trouble if he sent you an honorary badge... :) Happy St. Paddy's day to you. I'm over 35 too, you better get that fixed so it will quit putting the warning at the end instead of the beginning...ha.

Paula said...

That is nice the chief of police is sending you a patch. Wish I could get John to sit and chat. Guess since he doesn't drink coffee he isn't much interested. Oh and twisting the cows tail helps to get it up or make it move. Seems mean to me but no one ask me.

Terri said...

I'm not 35 just yet...I still have a few more months...but I read it anyways *giggle*