Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our thoughts return to the Appalachian trail. We enjoy the serenity and beauty. But sometimes the weight of the pack overshadows the beauty for a little while.
Looking down on my girl as she climbs the rocks behind me. Sometimes I am in front. We are seldom together on the hike. WE are alone with our thoughts, except as some outstanding Vista, where we hold eachother and thank God for a chance to see this beauty.

Here she is ahead of me on another mountain, looking down and laughing, saying, " you have a long ways to climb big boy!'

Here she is way out on Mchaffey Knob in Virginia, supposed to be one of the most beautiful views on the AT, we happened to hit when the clouds were low.

Hello out there! WE are dreaming of a trip already. We are ready to head to the North East. We will have to do some checking first though. There is what they call the black fly season in the North East. I have read reports where they cover you like the no-see’em and dig into the flesh, don’t want to face that. Hahaha!
Vickie bought some of the new book and gave it to her friends. Now they are in demand that is good. I cannot find time to set up appointments and marketing areas yet. I did not expect too, Sonny was our main reason for coming home. We are not helping full time but are filling in where we can.
Hopefully in the next week he will be in an area with more intense care. And the family will not feel the need for an all night watch, that will wear them down. Such as Vickie did a 16 hour stretch one day and Steve did a 20 hour stretch yesterday/today. WE all know how that can wear you DOWN.
What is it about a hospital that drains you? Something does.
When I am gone like this I come in to answer from 20 to 43 e-mails. I enjoy the personal ones and delete the large down loads because it takes forever to download something. I have to draw the line at around 2MB, or I will be on thirty minutes down loading much larger.

I may drag out the laptop and take it to the hospital tomorrow, or just take my Tami Hoag, ‘The thin Dark Line’. I am about ¾ thru it. IT takes place in Cajun country, I love the accent, I can’t read it as it is spoken though. I also do not like crawfish. Gumbo is good. In reference to the Cajun food that is discussed in the book.
Anyway Sonny is not doing great, which is disappointing. He was alert enough for me to kid him about his sex change operation, etc. If you talk to the Lord, remember Sonny! Thanks to you who have offered sympathy and prayers.
Nite Shipslog
PS:"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no
Happiness without action."
Benjamin Disraeli


Paula said...

I can see why you and Sherry stay so trim and slim. In reference to your comments in my blog about unlocked churches. I have so many memories of being able to go in our church anytime in the 50's. When a storm was brewing my daddy used to make us all go into the basement until it passed. My sister and I were so afraid someone was going to see us. lol

shirl72 said...

Seeing you on the trail gets scary. I remember
Sherry sliding down the mountain on her hinny.
You don't want the flies boring into your flesh
especially today the Dr. can't cure everything.
Find some flat plains and walk there you need to
be around for awhile longer.


Anonymous said...

well Jack...hiking and climbing such as you guys do has never been an activity I would enjoy...but I do enjoy the pictures you guys take when you do hike...otherwise I would miss out on some beautiful scenery...too much of a city girl in me I a museum or art gallery...I will enjoy LOL...and sorry Sonny is not improving as we want...prayers will be offered for sure...for him and the family...and stay away from the flies...LOL..but have a great time wherever you decide to go or do!!! happy day to ya...hugs...Ora

Lucy said...

You are getting itchy feet already. Enjoy while you can because I am sure as I am writing this that one day as you get older You just woin't be able to, travel. I do hope that is a long time away. That is to bad that Sonny is not doing better. Ron got laid off, possiblty permenant, but he will be ok. Lucy

betty said...

love the pictures! breathtaking!! I'm not much of a hiker, but I just always assumed one would hike close to the person you were hiking with, but I'm sure there's a reason to have one go ahead like you guys did

finished the book (Gracefully Grasping for Dignity). VERY GOOD BOOK!!! I wish you had written it, and I had known you, 5 years ago; it would truly have saved some of the problems faced by family members these days. But it is going to help me not to make those same mistakes about my future. I wrote a review for it on Amazon, they said it would be up there in 48 hours (I just wrote it Monday morning)


Anonymous said...

Be careful while you are in the northeast! Lyme disease seems to still be prevalent. We were there last summer and my 4 yr old grandson must have been bitten by a tick. 6 weeks later he had a rash, not at all like the bullseye rash but 4 months later he was diagnosed with Lyme disease.