Friday, January 20, 2012

Does anyone make soupy rice?

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Growing up in the Grace Darnell home we had ‘soupy Rice’ when we had rice.  There was no steaming rice.  I still do not know how she made it, but I think  she added milk.  I know I loved it.  It could be a meal by itself.  And for a snack in the evening I would eat the left overs with milk, like corn bread and milk.

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Another think I liked was the green beans that she put the little ‘new’ potatoes in. I don’t know what else she put in it, either bacon drippings or a little ham I think.

My mama was one of the best cooks, if not the best, in the world. Many folk have said that. Her fried chicken was the talk of every evangelist that ever sat her table.  Sherry learned from my mama and our boys have always said Sherry should have started a Chicken chain.

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After coming into our family Sherry would always say your mama can turn around in the kitchen a few times and have a meal fit for a king, really she  could. Every morning was two pans of biscuits made from scratch. I can still see her tamp her signature touch to EVERY biscuit in the big pan. Her first two knuckles touched every one.

I have never tasted Chicken and dumplings as good as hers. Once when she was bed fast at our house I decided to make dumplings. Back and forth to her room following instructions (I thought).  Finally I went back into her room and said, “Mama, I have some real thick chicken soup!”

She laughed, “You are supposed to move them around, You stirred them didn’t you?”

“Yep”.  Mama knew it all. Once in Missouri the Mz Downing, who ran ‘Downing’s Trailer Park’, gave everyone who wanted it, space to have a garden. I was so proud, I think I planted 50 tomato plants. and a row of turnips. The turnips grew long like carrots, and they were bitter. So I called mama.

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“What?” she said, “This is spring son, you plant turnips in the fall, and thin them out so they will have room to grow.”  She knew I weren’t no farmer.

Well here I am 73 years old and still want some of that soupy rice.

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Do not know what year, but it is an Edsel.

guessing 1959. (they were produced 1958-1960, I think)


Paula said...

Never ate soupy rice, sounds interesting. I was so excited when I learned I could cook rice in the microwave and it didn't stick together like it did when I cooked it on the stove.

Anonymous said...

ahh...the Edsel! So ill fated!

Hey I thought my Mom was the BEST cook in the world! HOWEVER, your Mom cooked because she loved it and loved watching people put it in their face! My Mom not so much! While she did it well, cooking was a chore for her! Thus the eating of it could often be a chore too!

I learned to cook, not from my Mom (to many rules and no patience with kids) but from friends, neighbors, relatives and in-laws!

Don (second husband) loved MY cooking and that's all that mattered! (Not so sure my son did ;-), well he loved the homemade bread, the chocolate chip cookies and ... ???

Cher' Shots said...

That 'soupy rice' almost sounds like a rice pudding. Am I right? Did she add sugar and cinnamon to it? It sounds like your Mama made everything with love ~ the secret ingredient!
'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree about the secret ingredient. Every good cook loves to make people happy and feeding them is one way to do that for sure. I don't think I've ever had soupy rice either. My husband always raved about the rice pudding his grandmother made and I tried every recipe I could find, but he said none tasted as good as hers did. We had sunshine this morning but now starting to cloud over. Snow is already in the west part of the state and moving our way. Could be another 4 inches. Enjoy your nice weather there and your company! Sending hugs to you both from Ohio!


LOVE rice. All kinds. But I never had soupy rice. Too bad you don't have your mom's recipe for it. But that special ingredient like MA and Cher'Shots said is LOVE. No doubt about it. Take care.

shirl72 said...

I wish I had saved all of Mothers
hats. In her older pictures she always had that hat on.

She was a good cook.. I just remember Peggy saying the same
thing about Kat and Mother they
could turn around in the Kitchen
2 0r 3 times and a wonderful meal was on the table. To bad I didn't
get that trait.


Fred Alton said...

Never cooked rice in my life. Now Frances cooks it like I like it - to too soupy - but not stuck together. I don't know how she accomplishes it, but I love it that way. Thinking about this subject ... I think maybe it's more what we get used to as children growing up.

That looks like a '58 Edsel to me.

~mel said...

Loved this entry ~ as always. Momma's just have a way of making their little boys think they are the best cooks ever :)

When he grows up and marries it gives the new wife some competition. It makes her son more appreciative of her when he is no longer living under her roof.

We momma's are sneaky like that.

Woody said...

Cold Rice, a dash of Vanilia flavoring, fresh cold milk and that would be our night snack, Ice Creme was a rare treat in a family of 8 kids. My wife thinks i"m nuts to eat this.

Anonymous said...

I can see the love your Mom had for you in the pictures of the two of you.

My husband said his mother cooked riced that tended to be soupy. In fact he said most everything she cooked tended to be soupy. He is one man who does not think his Mom was the world's greatest cook. That made it a little easier on me, I guess.
I almost always cook brown rice rather than white because it is healthier.

Lucy said...

That sounds like rice pudding and I love it. I am not sure I could make it without a recipe. Mom did not need a recipe. Mom's was not like the rice pudding already made in the aisle of the store. Hers was soupy to.

Rose said...

I never had soupy rice but sounds interesting. I sure would love to taste that fried chicken!

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

The flavors of bacon drippings & ham go a long way in taste.

I never made or had soupy rice, but now I'll be looking it up...

Vickie Jane said...

My cousin Nancy makes this when we go to her house. It's so easy to me and we love it.

Milk Rice
1cup long grain regular rice, not instant
cover with water about 1inch above rice
salt to taste
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup milk
Cook about 15 minutes in pot. Do not cover.
Of course adjustments to above can be made!