Sunday, January 8, 2012

The thing I feared

(Todays cars, The great variable Metropolitans for no particular reason, I just liked them)

A statement, “the thing I feared has come upon me.”

There were small things growing up, I learned to cross my eyes and mama said, be careful or they will freeze like that.


(Snow mobile metro)

Daddy got me a BB gun, I loved it.  Folks said, “be careful, those things put eyes out.”

When I was trying to learn to wield,  “Be careful of the flash, it can burn your eyes and blind you.”

Most power tools give the warning to wear eye protection, and for good reason.  Sight is a very important sense.

I had a wonderful aunt, Aunt Georgia, who went blind. To a curious boy she explained to me how she knew when a glass or cup was about full. She did that by placing her finger near the top, that way she could sense the heat or cool. She never spilled or over filled. It was fascinating to see her operate and move around furniture. She did not let the blindness stop her.


Metro concept car.

I have had cataract surgery on both eyes. I can see fairly well.  With all the warnings about eyes, we tend to think about them and try to protect them.

Growing up, no one ever warned: you could lose your hearing. Firing rifles, guns, fireworks, etc, I never used ear protection. Back ‘then’ even the military did not require ear protection most of the time.


So now, without hearing aids, I am deaf. With hearing aids I can converse fairly well one on one. This could be me not taking care of my hearing, or it could be normal for me (genetics).

Two men (Ken & Bill) connected with bloggers here, are in danger of losing their sight due to disease or illness. They are appreciative for every day they have sight. If I had shot my eye out (or any of the hundreds of accidents), I would know what caused the blindness.  But my ears? That is not sure, no one knows.


(Car 54 where are you?)

There are plenty of possibles, Flight deck, guns and genetics.  We must adjust in this world in order to exist. I am becoming more reclusive, but Sherry refuses to ‘allow me to stay home’, so I go with her. When someone speaks to me, Sherry will answer.She feels embarrassed to speak for me, thinking someone will think she has me ‘hen-pecked’.  Well she does, but I like that part of it. hahaha.


I am not crying about it, I don’t enjoy it, but I am learning to accept FACTS! (I continually look for any new advancements in hearing enhancements!)

Thanks for coming by the Log.

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 Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories.

—John Wilmot


scanoldpic1 029

This was our 2nd Metro, a 1955. I loved this little car. It was powered by an MG engine. I don’t have a clean picture of it. You can see the tail end of Son-Mark’s TR6.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our world and us are constantly changing, but it's how we deal with it all that counts. I'm sometimes in a quandary just how to do it, but I keep on taking it one day at a time. Today is wonderful! The sun is shining in Ohio and it's a balmy 38 degrees out side - inside it is warmer as I have the oven hometown kids are coming for dinner this evening. So glad you have that wonderful Sherry there to keep you on top of things!

shirl72 said...

Sherry should never feel like that, just say
my husband does not hear well, or I am my
Husband's ears. i think Sherry does a good job taking care of your hearing. It keeps you out of trouble. (Sherry keep it up.) I was told the same
thing when I crossed my eyes they might freeze
that way. Remember the simple Good ole days.....


Paula said...

I admire your aunt Georgia. I feel the same way Sherry does but it is so much simplier to just answer when someone is waiting. At least you do wear a hearing aid. John refuses to.

Anonymous said...

Great entry indeed.

So far hear good. However since arriving here, I got me second pair of glasses, which more than doubled in strength. Doctor said, he would 'Laser' them, yet said no, and continue to wear them.
Please have you all a kind new week ahead.

Bookncoffee said...

Jack, you and Sherry are going to have to go to the LANE motor museum next time you are in Nashville as much as you like old cars and various kinds of cars. And...that is not far from my work so you could see me too! Let me know when you all come thru again!


My hubby had a welder almost cost him his eyesight once. But like you he is slowly losing his hearing. He has a constant motorboat sound that the doc says is because the ears are trying to compensate for what's happening. It is GREAT that Sherry is there to assist you. You shouldn't feel henpecked and she shouldn't think you are. We all need a little help to navigate the world around us. Your aunt was a real inspiration. Take care.

Fred Alton said...

Had to laugh about the "hen-pecked" thought. Some of it I like ... but some I don't like. I had to tell Frances in the hospital "Look, Dear. If the nurse asks me a question - just give me a chance and I will answer it. If they ask you a question, then you answer it." Haha. No - I wasn't wearing my hearing aid. Good thing I wasn't or I might have been offended at her response! ☻☻☻

BTW - I love the idea of ski-ing around in a Metropolitan!

Dar said...

We ignore the best of what we have until we loose it. Bill is doing ok with the sight but I notice he hugs the center that he's aware, he is more careful. Thank God he still has his peripheral vision and a good eye. I'm gonna be next if I don't keep my appts. Our hearing is leaving slowly and Bill and I are answering for one another all the time. We're OK with that and Sherry is doing a wonderful job. It's what we do, Sherry, because we love them. Have a grateful day.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
The Metropolitan was launched by Mitt Romney's father, George Romney when he (George) ran American Motors...

Rose said...

Great entry. Love all the photos of the great cars.

I think you have learned to adjust to your hearing. It must be a challenge most days. But, I know my favorite Sailor can handle anything that comes his way!

Hugs, Rose