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Lennie, what a woman

I have a couple entries about family members, got one on Shirl to be sprung soon.  But today it is Lennie. The most outspoken of any of the Children of Wiley and Susie Harris. Protector of the young brood of siblings with fists or rocks.


(Lennie with her dad, Johnny’s favorite picture.)

Sherry says that when they were young, Lennie and Collette (the quiet one) would turn on the Victrola and dance, they could really cut a rug in their socks.

scanoldpic7 078

(Lennie and her dad later years)


(Susie Harris the Mama rabbit of the clan)

One memorable statement by Lennie to Elmer, after one of their friends had left his wife. “Buddy, you listen to me, if you  ever plan on leaving me, you had better tell me, because I am going with you!”


(I courted Sherry on that same porch, that must be Moochie the dog at the steps)


(Wiley (daddy) Vernon,Lennie, Colette, Sherry, Lefty,Johnny (missing Mama Susie and Tommy)

I remember once she was upset at a member of the in-law family. I told her, “just to be patient and when you get older you can just slip your cane out in her path and trip the old hag!”  She remembered that for years.

scanoldpic1 026 - Copy

(Colette, Lennie, Johnny, Elmer and Sherry at one of Lennie’s Bean days)

After their mama died, Lennie made it a practice to have beans and corn bread at her house every Wednesday. That day Colette would clean their daddy’s house and take him to get groceries, then come to Lennie's. Sherry loved it when she could be there, the Harris’s were a close family.

lennie collette

Johnny, the youngest, is up in Ypsilanti, MI. But every time he came home Lennie had a bed for him. Lennie’s house became the mama’s house of the clan.

scan1998 045

(Elmer, Lennie and Janet, when Lennie was ill.)

By this time Lennie (who had worked in the winder room of a cotton mill) was a stay at home woman, helping Elmer who ran a ‘Roach Coach’. Lennie made 14-18 gallons of tea a day, 5 days a week. On ‘Wednesdays when Elmer came in around 1:30, he brought in the out of date sandwiches and cakes. Adding to the pinto bean feast. Lennie’s house was the home of most of the family get togethers.

The one thing Lennie always regretted was she had left her home in Belmont and moved to Mt. Holly, just about 5 miles, but she always wanted to be back in Belmont.

When Lennie got sick, Elmer came to me and wanted me to build them a house in Belmont. Which I did, but Lennie never got to really enjoy it. She moved there but that was about all.

Snow and leaving town 032

(Lennie’s new home in Belmont, I am a Belmont Girl again)


scan1998 049

(Colette, Tommy, Johnhy, Lennie, Vernon and Sherry.  Lennie was very sick here, this was in her new house.)


Scanoldpic8 008

(Lennie, Brenda, Mark and Elmer, the family)

scan1998 050

(Sherry, Lennie and Colette, the  Three musketeers. Sisters forever)


scan1996-97 043

(another get together at Lennie’s house. Colette, Johnny and Lennie)

As a practice in the later years the three sisters: Lennie, Colette & Sherry, with their husbands would take a trip after Christmas. Those have been some of the highlights of our lives. Besides, Lennie thought I was a great driver.(Even when I got lost)

scan1996-97 079

(Lennie, Elmer and Sherry at Ben & Jerry’s)

scan1996-97 075

(Even being a Democrat, She loved seeing Kennebunkport, home of the Bushes. She kept a rock from here until her death)

scan1996-97 076

(We took Elmer and Lennie to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on their 50 wedding anniversary I think)

You cannot wrap someone’s life up in 600 words, but this was thoughts of Lennie.


RIP Lennie. Feb 7, 1928-Oct 17,2000

You know, there are people you will never forget.

Nite Shipslog


Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.

—Erica Jong



Elmer and Lennie had the Rambler, then he switched to Lincolns and the Lincoln remained their car)


Paula said...

Awww Lennie seems to be quite the gal. Very interesting. I like what she said about if her husband ever left she was going with him. I never could read your blog or comment yesterday or Lucy's either.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful person to have had in your life. Tributes like that one are hard to beat. I know Sherry must miss her sister. But I always like to think that those who have died are only as far away as our hearts as that is where we keep them. I like that idea of Bean Days. I guess beans and biscuits or corn bread are one of my favorite meals. Nice memories for today. Thanks for sharing them with us all.
It's cold and snowy here today...about 18 degrees right now and the wind chill makes it even colder.

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Y said...

How fortunate are your loved ones that you continue to share the memories of wonderful times together!

Lucy said...

You are fortunate to have so many pictures to look back on. Memories are always, well hopefully there. I agree you do make an interesting entry.