Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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(1951 Packard popular when the Hit Parade was on TV)

I remember listening to the radio at night and had a ball. I remember going to friends houses and watching TV, fun.  I loved Wrestling so we watched Hit Parade with Snooky Lanson & Gizzell  McKenzie, that came on before Wrestling. That was all fun.

I remember a few songs from growing up and many from the teen years.  I wonder if the teens to day will remember the words to songs, I cannot understand the  words (or could not before going deaf).


(People drove the 1939 Studebaker and listened to Jeepers Creepers on the radio)

Do you know the song that was top on the charts the day you were born?  Well the day I was born (Jan 17, ‘39) it was “Jeepers Creepers”. (Probably what daddy said)

If you want to know what was top of the charts click on this:

Something else I thought was funny, posted by Bonnie on a Forum I frequent:

She entitled it, maybe ‘Bird Brain’ isn’t such a slur after all (paraphrased).

I am amazed at what I find on the net by accident even. Our system is via cell signal so we are very slow and most times will not play a video, so I do not watch many.

As I get older, it takes less to tickle my funny bone. Maybe I am understanding the  rules better, or life changes the rules to fit my situation, not sure which.

This is my Birthday month, I can laugh about that (much better than crying).

Thanks for coming this way.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday to you! This week is my youngest son's birthday and also that of one of my granddaughters too. It is a whole lot better to be laughing that crying for sure and I love a good laugh! They say that by the time we reach adulthood we only laugh 15-20 times a day while children laugh 200 times a day. Sorta sad isn't it. We all need to laugh more! I mostly laugh at my self anymore...plenty to laugh at there.

Y said...

You've got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in your heart. You are living proof that age is a state of mind. No matter how many birthdays you have, I don't think you'll ever act old.

shirl72 said...

I loved the 50's. When we were
chewing gum and talking in class
we were sent to principals office.
Life was so simple. I loved
Jack Gleason, Red Skelton, Jack
Benny, I love Lucy, and many more.
TV was so much fun to watch.

Good looking Studebaker.

So much for the good ole days.



Life was so much simpler, back in the day. I chuckled when you wondered if the kids today understand the lyrics to their songs. Sometimes sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me, too. LOL Like the links you posted. take care. Happy birthday month.

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! Yes I can remember those good old days, lol.
Good entry. Jean

Paula said...

Wish I had known Shirl back then. I bet she could jitter a mean bug back then. We did in the Bulldog Snack Shack.

Fred Alton said...

Love that old '39 Studebaker. I remember when we Brannen boys pooled our funds and bought a '40 model from the junkyard in 1954. It was blowing blue smoke from the exhaust...and the three of us worked on it until we had it sounding like an old lawn mower! Wonderful memories. Yeah - and congratulations on the birthday. Did you see my link on FB about the righteous producing fruit in old age? In the last few verses of Psalm 92 if you want to read something encouraging.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I used to "watch" The Lone Ranger on our Motorola radio. Our family car had running boards. I miss those days!


Lucy said...

Jack are you wishing you had your youth back? Just curious cause I would not want to relive my life. I have memories like you and even a little farther back, but it makes me tired just thinking of reliving 82 years. Middle of changing Dr's. Things should be ready to see the new Dr. by early next week. Ins. problems.