Sunday, January 22, 2012

I like to read, I have even read a classic.


A classic car, the 1953 Nash-Healey

Some classic’s were recommended for me to read. ‘Bleak House’ by Dickens and ‘The Mayor Of Casterbridge’ by Thomas hardy. I picked ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson myself.

I succeeded in reading ‘The Mayor’ very quickly, probably 4 nights. I enjoyed it, but did not like the irony of the ending. I am so disappointed in ‘Bleak House’ by Dickens. It definitely isn’t ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. I am having a rough time getting thru it. I have been trying for months.

Treasure Island

Since I have the Kindle, many of the classic's are free. I am now ‘enjoying’ Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’.  I still cannot get used to reading the e-books, I need to refer back too many times, and it is hard on the Kindle to know how far back I want to go.  It is not like going back say, 10 pages, is easy, you must go back one page at a time. 

If you have read Bleak House, tell me what makes it a classic. I am wrestling with it and I usually do not do that, I usually just drop what I do not like.

Reading is a great past time. I regret that I did not start reading earlier for enjoyment.  Starting late has some advantages, you have many books to read to catch up to the latest of living authors.

Writing is a different story. You must get into a certain frame of mind. If I try to make myself write, I seldom use what I wrote and just destroy it.  I have been in that position since I published “S’Gar”. I have started a senior romance book, but only have 14 pages of stuff I wish to use. I am hoping to get a boost after Tax time. hahaha.

Read and enjoy.  Read and Escape. Read to forget your troubles. TV used to put my Sherry to sleep, Now it is reading. So read to go to sleep.

Thanks for Reading this ‘stuff’.

Nite Shipslog

PS:  However Einstein said this about that:

The person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking……………………(?)!

—Albert Einstein



I believe this is an old Studebaker


Melanie said...

OOOOH someday I will have time to read agiain.....~~SIGH~~


Anonymous said...

Whenever reading it is difficult to go to sleep for me, as one page demands another one and so forth - often getting close to 4 a.m.

About to start the Biography of Galileo. Please have you all a good new week ahead.

Fred Alton said...

I enjoyed reading as a young teen. I could take a book like Treasure Island and read for a couple hours at a go. Then in my working years read many books that went along with my life's work. (i.e. Relationship books, Psych books, Theological books, Leadership books, etc. Now that I'm retired I find it relaxing not to have to read. I'll watch a video instead. I read those classics too (cars that is! ☻)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been years since I read Treasure Island but it was good. Never read much of Dickens but the Christmas Carol. We did needed to read a Tale of Two Cities in high school. That was many years ago, and no I didn't care for it but it did have significant value. I guess for the most part I go for lighter reading. I read a lot every day and always read myself to sleep every night. That's been a habit of mine for many years now. I enjoy the Kindle and the fact that having a new book to read is so easy. And I'm no longer adding to the stacks and stacks of books here at my house. Glad your weather is so nice there. I'm thinking it will be July before we see any 80 degree days.

Bookncoffee said...

A lot of people got those "readers" this year. I have such a pile of books, but I might actually like one some day. Don't know. Right now the laptop has been just fine. Easier to type and I just read my books with pages. I have been looking at my friend's ones though and they ARE nice.

Ken Riches said...

Just ordered a Kindle Fire, looking forward to reading some different books.

Paula said...

I started reading in high school when the teacher would say get out your novels and read. The girls did and the boys gathered 'round her desk to talk. That is why I'm so poor in punctuation and spelling etc. That went on for three years. She was the Superintendent's wife. I'll bet that don't go on at that school now days. I would love to write a book about all the things I've seen and heard since I've been widowed.Boy! did I have a lot to learn about people.

shirl72 said...

I mostly read Biographies. Have read others but don't have time
to read to busy. I have read
biography on Ethel Waters, Della
Reece, Barry Manilow and others.
This is taxing my remember.


Sheila Y said...

I love to read but have to get in a little bit here and there. I tend to fall asleep if I try reading in the evening. I got a nook last Christmas and a Toshiba tablet this year. I put the nook and kindle app on it. But I still have a lot of books to get through...and I didn't help myself by buying another one at Kmart the other day on sale for $5. I have favorite authors that I would still buy in book form, just wish when you bought a book they'd give you the eBook version for free. Now look, I've just about written a book in your comments...ha. Have a great week, Sheila

Jean said...

Sheila gave me four new books for my birthday I've finished reading one and started on another one before Christmas I need to get back and finish it. I like to read the ones with pages.I don't care to much for the e-book. Lol. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

I find myself mostly reading columns, articles, opinions, etc. on the internet. I guess I'm rotting my brain, lol.
Anyway, about Bleak House - the guy who recommended it to you is an intellectual with the kind of educational background that can help him appreciate the way the novel was written. I say life is too short to spend time reading a book that you don't want to read. (Not sure whether that will encourage you or not!) I too have been trying to read a book that I thought I "ought" to read. Parts of it I have read over and over, and other parts I've been trying to force myself through. I think I need to call it quits on that book.
I usually DON'T read fiction for the precise reason Robert Geiss mentioned - I find I don't want to put it down until I'm through.

Maybe soon I'll read Sticky, Rags, and S'gar.


I had so many books piling up around here, my hubby got me a Kindle a few years back. Now I have a collection of books on it too. LOL Love reading. Been doing it since I was a small child. It makes my day. I'm glad to hear when others are finding joy in it too. Funny, I've been working on a senior romance book too.

Glenda said...

Jack, it's been awhile since having my Kindle in my hand but I recall a "bookmark" feature that allows you to highlight or in some way designate passages you want to revisit. Am heading back from the coast to 'Chobee later today and will get the kindle instruction book out. As you know, reading is my favorite recreation. Like Robert above, in his comment, if the book is engrossing I'll stay up all nite to finish it.
This post brought back memories of Christmas vacation in seventh grade when I brought home 'Gone With the Wind' and couldn't or wouldn't put it down. Mom would say "Glenda would rather read than eat."
If you recall, eating was a big deal at the Conrad's farmhouse:)

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» really likes the old cars and trucks you show here! There weren't many of those Nash-Healeys built.
You are correct, the other car is a Studebaker.

Go HERE for more photos of this Packard Twelve.