Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some of us Old Folk have crooked toes!

I guess my shoes did not always fit right, because my Big toe curves toward the other little piggies. I think the intention was to look after them and protect them. LOL


Once while hiking, we attended a ‘Boot Camp’.  That is where the boot makers modify boots to match your feet. I felt a little embarrassed, the kid looking at my feet calls to the BIG BOSS and says, “Here we have Bunions, severe curvature, and hammer toes. A lot of work needed here!”


(Gonna get me some ants or spiders so they will have something else to look at. LOL)

Now I had asked about burning soles of my feet, not my toes.  After listening to what all was needed, I repeated my problem and question.

“After about an hour of hiking the soles of my feet begin to burn, can you  prevent that?”

Answer, “WE can sure try, but we cannot eliminate it.”

“Then I appreciate your time, but bunions, curvatures and hammer toes do not hurt, the the burning is what is bad.”

My Sherry has pretty feet and they fixed her up with some ‘custom made ‘Super Feet’ insoles. for her boots.

The strange thing is, after spending too much money on BOOTS, I found that Reebok tennis shoes with a few cuts here and there are my best solution. My feet needed air and I gave it to them. Also, fording creeks in leather boots ain’t very smart.  they don’t dry out like tennis shoes.

Once after fording a creek about 8 times, Sherry’s boots were soaked. I made a BIG MISTAKE of drying them over the campfire, and they became stiff and caused her feet more damage.  You learn the hard way sometimes.


Remember the Shoe-fitting Fluoroscopes,  (Pedoscopes, in the UK/Europe.)? You could put on a new pair so shoes and look thru the face piece and see your toes and feet bones. This was supposed to give you a better fit but the biggest reason was to get kids to come in to buy more shoes so they could see their bones wiggle. The machines were outlawed in the 1950-1960’s. The x-rays were damaging tissues and could have caused cancer because it was used like a toy with no time controls.

Anyway most of us have worn used shoes and also cheap shoes. We have had many hand me downs, however I did refuse to wear Shirl’s shoes. LOL

Thanks for coming this way.

NIte Shipslog

PS: (ain’t it the truth!)

Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.

—Ellen Goodman



1953 Packard Carribean (I would like to put my foot on this gas pedal (accelerator for you  younger folk<)).


Paula said...

I like the quote by Ellen Goodman. All of John's family have those big bunions. Some of the girls had them taken off. One sister now wears pretty flip-flop shoes and has rings on her toes. I'm jealous 'cause I have ugly feet and swollen ankles.

shirl72 said...

I don't dare tell how many pair shoes I have. I have never had a pair of shoes that hurt my feet
I am lucky because I love shoes.
I want tell how many but it is
over 50 pairs. Every color and
every size heel. So there I told.
Don't have bunions or corns. I
happy feet.


Fred Alton said...

Oh my, I've had some experience drying shoes out over a campfire. Don't work too good, do it? ☻

Helen said...

I am thankful that I don't have feet that hurt. I remember those xray feet things from when I grew up. I didn't get that many pair of new shoes to damage my feet from using that thingy. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember looking through one of the machines at my toes wiggling inside a new pair of shoes. I didn't realize they were harmful and wondered what had happened to them. A good pair of comfortable shoes are worth their weight in gold for sure. I've mostly taken to wearing tennis shoes when I walk, but in the winter time my walking is limited. Of course hiking for miles at a time as the two of you do is nothing like the walks I'd do anyway. Around home here I wear crocs and love them. They've really spoiled my feet. I even have the ones for winter with a lining inside.

Jean said...

Grover has trouble with his feet burning on the bottom he thinks it's gout and told his doctor last week he need some stronger gout medicine. His doctor didn't comment. He had told him before he didn't want him taking any stronger. His doesn't look red are anything like a gout flare up. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

Had a nice pair of Nike's once that were the perfect walking shoe...and didn't cost an arm and a leg cause it was before the designer shoe craze! I've never been able to find another pair of walking shoes that make my feet feel as good as those Nike's did! I have toes that were squashed into pointy toed high heels once too often, one hammer toe and a big toe that has been crushed so many times the nerve is shot! Plus my heels callous and the skin doesn't shed, the callous just keeps building and it used to crack and be quite painful! However I discovered in 2004 that one of the benefits of living where it is horrendously humid is having the skin be softer and less prone to callous. And yes when I was little and my Mom would drive me over 90 miles to buy shoes in Norfolk, I used to look at my feet through one of those xray machines. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Like that chromed up Packard!


A GOOD pair of shoes is hard to come by, that's for sure. I wear GRASSHOPPERS shoes or DANSKIN sneakers. LOVED the picture of the Fluoroscopes. My hubby's aunt owned a shoe store and he has memories of looking at his feet bones all day through one she had on display. to the best of his knowledge he's never had any ill effects from the experience. take care.

Y said...

Thanks to my son-in-law who does nine-day wilderness backpacking trips, I discovered the best thing for what ails my feet (bunions, hammer toes, drooped arches, corns, callouses, and ingrown toenails...is Crocs. Cheap, non-absorbent, breathable, built-in arch support, and come in every color of the rainbow and some colors that ain't in any rainbow.

The only bad thing is that they aren't made in the good old USA; they're made in China. Isn't it ironic that the people who invented ways to deform feet are now so good at relieving the pain of deformities.

Maybe that's how Karma works; this is their chance to redeem themselves.