Saturday, January 28, 2012

JC Penney, I hope so.


New CEO of JCP says no more sales, coupons,etc. Declare they are going to lower the prices at least 40%. We plan to change the way people shop.sign4

He says, consumers are not dumb, they know the sales are a come on and not real. Who can sell something at 80% off and make a profit, if the article was priced correctly in the beginning.


I have said that for years. I do not blame coupon shoppers. I do not blame anyone for going thru sales paper after sales paper. Clipping coupons is wise, no doubt, but my question has always been WHY? Shopping is not a sport, it is a necessity to get necessities.


It is silly to by 2 boxes of some cereal you do not even eat, because it is two for one.  I built houses, I could have NEVER sold them two for one!


The CEO said consumers are not ignorant, but he is wrong, we have been for years. We have been brainwashed with SALES. When I was a kid, there was a jewelry store in Gastonia, NC that went out of business every Christmas season. I bet they folded the “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” sign every New Years day to hold for next Christmas.


I cannot remember which store it was that tried this a few years ago. I want to think it was Sears. I am sure that it was a major store though. Many other stores are hoping he is wrong, because they will get the JCP customers by their BIG Sales (4th OF JULY, CHRISTMAS, INVENTORY REDUCTION, SPRING SALES, BACK TO SCHOOL SALES, SALES  sales, and a million variations.)


I remember Car dealers selling cars $50 over inventory.  Did you  believe that? (It costs more than that to unload, clean, add a little gas then park the car on his lot.)


Yeah, we consumers want to believe that stuff, but down inside we know better. There is no free lunch, and ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


Now I really do hope the man is right, that JCP can re-learn us how to shop. Now just to be sure you understnd there was a little wiggle room, for you  that MUST have a sale, WE are not going COLD TURKEY here is the disclaimer:

In addition to the "everyday low price,"  the only sales will be "monthly value" discounts on select items, and "best price" sales held regularly twice a month.


(Especially for John & Paula)

I want it to work, but………..

Thanks for coming by the log.

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—Oscar Wilde


1936 Chevy, I believe I lean more toward the 30’s cars . I would dearly love to have one of these.


Anonymous said...

Some of these should be needlepoint samplers. ~Mary


Sales at retail establishments are curious. I hate the places that jack the price up then give you a discount for the sale. MAKES me CRAZY. I NOW only use coupons for restaurants. Thrilled to get BOGOF for a dinner out. LOVE all those photos of signs. Too funny. Take care.

Paula said...

You think of the best entries. Love the Used Cow sign. I would like to have that 1936 car too. That is the year I was born plus its sooo cute.I could drive it to church on Sunday.

Bookncoffee said...

Hey I would miss getting my coffee practically free if JC Penny quits sending me my $10 coupon every quarter. They'll be missing some money from this shopper b/c that is the only reason I go in there. I always buy more when I go. But I'll be using those coupons from Kohl's and from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's how we can afford our Keurig coffees. Ok thanks for letting me vent. You know I don't get enough venting on my own blog.

Bookncoffee said...

Ya'll have a good weekend. Meant to add that! :-)

Anonymous said...

awesome entry !

please have you all a good sunday.

Jean said...

Not much at saving coupons I'm just to lazy to cut them out of the paper (don't have time) lol. I did use one I got off the internet when we went to the outlets before Christmas. They said it saved me $10.00. We have a neighbor that drives an old model car to church on Sunday. If I don't forget I will have my camera out and take a picture as he passes by. Lol. Take care.Jean

Dar said...

Funny but seriously, the country does have a 'sale' problem...I used to sucker up but now I could care less whether or not I shopped at all. My sisters would have a field day with that comment cause I used to go every chance I had. I grew up. Now, the only place I love to shop is at the thrift stores and tag sales. Even there, I get only what we need.
Now, I have a another closet to clear out.
As for those cars, one of these days I'll show you a few we know about. Don't hold your breathe tho, Jack, I soon will forget I thought of this. Ha!