Thursday, January 5, 2012


If you don’t have too much time and want to see a lot, the Black hills area is fantastic. So much to see and so much history involved.  A few years ago we shared a trip with Ted & Peggy (nephew & wife) and Dick & Kat in their motor home. It was a very pleasant trip. Ted & Peg rode with and drove Dick’s Bounder.  They spent the night with us. We also made the trip with Sonny and Collette. Then once just Sherry & I.

From NC, we drove thru TN, KY, IL, MO TO GET TO South Dakota.  You laugh as you travel seeing signs for ‘Wall Drug’ I was reminded of my child hood when you saw signs all the time ‘SEE ROCK CITY’.  So we had to see Wall Drug.


(Every year the theme is different, those pictures are created by colored corn on the cob)

But first was the Corn Palace, then the well known ‘Bad Lands’.


Just thru the Badlands is Wall Drug. The largest Drugstore in the world. A very unique experience, good coffee for 5 cents a cup. HUGE place.


Welcome to Wall, South Dakota. Sherry on one of the many tough horses she rode!!! There is also a huge Jackalope and a fire breathing Dinosaur.

Leaving Wall Drug you head toward Rapid City, SD. Close by is Deadwood, SD. Where in Saloon #10 Will Bill Hickok was shot dead. He is buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery.

100_0659This is my BUDDY SONNY the time we went with Colette and Sonny. I am having a problem finding the right pictures, but Sonny and I had a ball, both of us Cowboy fans.


Me at the grave, Calamity Jane is buried beside him.

Next on the swing is Lead, SD and the largest Gold mine in the world. Now closed down.


Bad picture, but those are roads going down into the giant hole, looks like it was a mile deep. ha.

Next you can see Mt. Rushmore. The work headed by Gutzon Borglum.


Ok, I have to switch to the  trip with Colette and Sonny, I cannot find the pictures of the other trip.

Notice all the broken stone carved and let fall. Did you know the original plans was to carve them full bodied? They just decided to quit. (Money I think)

Drive on down the road, you must see Crazy Horse. This monument is being financed strictly by private donations. No Federal money, the Indian nations for some reason (?) don’t trust the  gov’t. (wonder why?)


The model in  front the carving in the back ground. on the right is a night blasting.

There are many more sights here, but time is running out (word wise).

Thanks for coming by the  log.

Nite Shipslog


To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.

—Abraham Maslow


1948 chevrolet

1948 Chev. Fleetline.

This car was brand new when Korczak Ziółkowski, started Crazy Horse. As of today only the face and arm are near completion but so far it is a beautiful work.


Paula said...

Ride 'em cowgirl Sherry. Love that picture.

Anonymous said...

I've experienced the hammer/nail thing for sure.
Sherry on the horse is the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these unique glimpses of your world. Everything looks so peaceful ...

Please have you all a good Friday.

shirl72 said...

I remember when Ted & Peggy went with you on
the trip. Peg was so impressed how you all
could set up and prepare the meals. You have
had some informative trips and they are interesting to see. HI O Silver to Sherry.


Woody said...

Nice Looking Cowgirl on that there Bucking Bronc, Hope you 2 are doing OK, it is warming up a little!!

Anonymous said...

I've wondered off and on over the years what had happened to the man who was carving Crazy Horse out of a mountain! I'm glad his wife and children are still carrying on with his sculpture! Mammoth project...private funding, I like it! Nice looking '48 Chevy Fleetline! I even like the two tone green!

Dar said...

If only I could get My Man to stop a few seconds, walk around and enjoy our country's landmarks...he's such a bore...always in a hurry with no place to go. Ya gotta loveum, just the same. He's the hardest working guy I know wishin' he'd just s l o w down a bit.
I love traveling with you through your blog...thanks goodfella and your missy.


I have always wanted to visit the Badlands and South Dakota. Probably never going to happen. So I enjoyed your little tour there. WONDERFUL photos. Sounds like a neat drugstore. Coffee for a nickel. That's unheard of these days. And how cool to see where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried. Sherry looked GREAT on that horse. Take care.

betty said...

When we lived in Montana, we did go to Rapid City and saw Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse (amongst other things). It was an enjoyable trip but we didn't see Wall Drug. Saw the signs with how many more miles to it but never made it that far. Fun to see your pictures, Jack, brought back memories of that trip!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was very nice to see your pictures today. Nothing like a little sight seeing to cheer up a cold winter day. I have never done much traveling or sight seeing but love to do so through the eyes of others. Arm chair traveling I guess they call it. There are so many wonderful sights in this great country I would think you could travel a lifetime and not see them all. Hope you both have a fantastic Friday!

Fred Alton said...

Thanks for the tour through cowboy country! I was always (still am)a fan of the cowboy I saw on TV! I thought I was always the main character in the show and could take the roughest fights, being hit with beer bottle, stabbed, shot in the ribs - and could just jump up, mount up, and ride - but this recent surgery tells me I'm just not as tough as I thought I was! Ha. That horse Sherry was on looked so real. Man...what a trip.

Ken Riches said...

Long time since I have seen Rushmore, need to put that on the "list".