Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Return with me now, to those thrilling days of yesteryear..

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Those were the words I heard just as soon as the radio warmed up at 5 o'clock MWF. I loved Cowboys and the Lone Ranger was one on the radio.

scan2001-05 035

(That is me behind Wyatt.)

When we started looking for places to see, one of the top places was… Tombstone, AZ, the location of the famous OK Corral Shootout. I did not know we would find so many very interesting places in the same area.

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The sign and the statue of the Buffalo on duty out side the Fort.

Interstate 10 to Benson and turn South.  We chose Fort Huachuca (waa-CHEW-ka), at Sierra Vista. This happened to be a very famous place, especially for my Black friends, because it was the home of the Buffalo Soldier.  They have a good museum on base, where I bought my friend Majors, a Buffalo Soldier Statue.  I always called him the Buffalo Soldier. It was just a cross some small mts to Tombstone. What a town. Stooped in history of the Earps, Doc Holiday, the cowboys and the Epitaph. The Bird Cage Saloon still stands. (Most well known cat house and  gambling parlor).

scan2001-05 038

Sherry in the Bird Cage, the openings outlined by the red curtains were the ‘ladies’ bird cages.scan2001-05 037

Me ‘n the Earps and Doc Holloday.

They have a reenactment of the Shootout and it is very interesting. The Old courthouse is still there and the pertinent records are on display. The Earps were registered Republicans and the Cowboys were Democrats. I never realized that politics played a big part in the early West.

There are many Ghost Towns around Tombstone.  I am believing that Tombstone would have also died if not for the history of the Earps.

scan2001-05 039

Poker table and cards the way it was left at the close of the longest Poker game in history, (8 yrs  10 million dollars changing hands)Lillian Russell, Eddie Foy, Sr., Lotta Crabtree and Lillie Langtry. In 1882, Fatima allegedly performed her belly-dancing routine at the Bird Cage Theatre.

The shoot out took place behind the OK Corral, in a very small alley. When the smoke cleared Wyatt was the only one standing. Everyone was wounded, and three outlaw cowboys were dead.

Doc Holloday & Big Nose Kate had a room on the alley at the Photographers office.

Boot Hill is still there with the original markers. Copies of the Epitaph for those faithful days are available in reprint.

Strange happenings, Doc Holliday was there with his lady friend, Big nose Kate. The Earps were there with their wives or mistresses.  Wyatt’s first wife died early in his life. At Tombstone he left his common law wife Celia for Josephine, one of the active ladies of the Birdcage.  They stayed together until his death in 1929. What a colorful career, outlaw, lawman and every thing in between.

There is so much History in this area, a cowboy buff can just ‘have a cow’, he be so happy.

Later we will give more detail and visit more places.

Thanks for coming by the Log.

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1929 Studebaker, the year Wyatt Earp Died.


Lucy said...

Loved this post. Made me laUGH and I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Don and I lived in AZ 3 times, 2 of those times were in Sierra Vista. We loved Tombstone, Bisbee and St David! It was always interesting to go to Tombstone, Don was a WWII and Vietnam Vet so when the Traveling Wall came through the Southwest we went over to see it, I believe that's the last time we went over...Don was still able to walk then! The old west really appealed to Don...hey his hero was John Wayne...he'd have to love to live there during all the shooting and fighting! ;-)

Enjoyed your photos and the Studebaker!


Fascinating history of that part of the country. The Bird Cage Saloon sounds like quite a place. The stories those walls could tell. GREAT photos. My younger daughter lives in Arizona. (she unemployed again) It would be nice to visit. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

Paula said...

You fit right in with the Earps and Doc. Lots of interesting things there.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love history and our cowboys and the wild west certainly gave us a lot of that. What brave men they were too as the tackled sometimes unsurmountable tasks. I watched all those cowboy movies with awe. I'm still laughing at my self here today! Hope you both have also had a laugh or two.

Fred Alton said...

Loved this one, Jack! All of the pictures are good - but the best was you hiding behind Wyatt in that first picture. I'm not sure which of the cowboys I wanted to be...but it would have been one of those who never shot to kill ... only to wound. Like the Lone Ranger or Red Ryder. Now for some reason which I don't quite understand, I always thought of Roy Rogers as a little too soft to be a real cowboy!

Anonymous said...

Cowboys and Indians were the first books that I read, having them still much in mind, of a few I even know some lines still.

Thank you for the memories. Please have you all a wonderful Thursday.

Jimmy's Journal said...

You, the Earps and Doc Holiday make quite the bunch.

I have't been to Arizona since '94 but I like it. A bit too dusty for a Miami boy, but I enjoyd the scenery and the critters.


Jimmy's Journal said...

You, the Earps and Doc Holiday make quite the bunch.

I have't been to Arizona since '94 but I like it. A bit too dusty for a Miami boy, but I enjoyd the scenery and the critters.


Woody said...


hope things are going great for you 2.

shirl72 said...

You looked good standing with all
the Cowboys. You would have
made a good cowboy, but don't
believe you could shoot anyone.