Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I have lived in Florida, but I am really just visiting

The first time I drove to Key west Florida, I found out how long this state is. We were stationed in Albany, GA and sent to Key West. From Jennings, FL on I-75 to Key West, FL it is about 600 miles.  Florida is a very interesting and beautiful state. We have lived in Florida probably 6 yrs total in foundation houses. And 9 years as mobile residents.

Some beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and diving water. I used to think when I got to Miami, I would be at the end of Florida, huh uh! Then the Florida Keys start.  It is over 150 miles on down to the tip, or as my son Mark likes to say, Mile marker 1 of US1. Leave Miami and 42 bridges later you are in Key West. The longest bridge is just below Marathon Key and is 7 miles long.


(90 miles to Cuba from the Southernmost point of the USA)

The drive down the Keys is beautiful, or flying in is even more beautiful as you get to see the clear tropical waters surrounding the Keys, you can also see the Edge of the Coral reef where the water drops from 10-25 feet to 100-150 feet. I have seen days you could see the bottom as clear as a bell, and my fathometer reading 125’.


(Crowds at Mallory Square)

Fishing is great, people are clannish.  The folks who were born in Key West call themselves Conchs.  (Don & Evelyn’s son Doug, was born in Key West, He is a Conch)There is a pier area called Mallory Square. EVERY EVENING there is a party to see the sun go down. When it goes below the beautiful horizon, the crowd always clap and shout at the beauty they have just seen.


(The sunset over the Gulf, About to fall on Paula over there in Texas)

Lot of history in Key West. Hemmingway’s home. I cannot think of the name of the bar, but it is where Hemmingway and I think Jimmy Buffet hung out at. All the tourists that drink, must stop and have a beer there.  If they don’t drink they at least want a picture.(SLOPPY JOE’S)


(Of the Conch Train Goes by Sloppy Joe’s)

Truman’s winter White House is there. At the time it was on the Naval Base. Most of the Naval Base is gone now. Tourism is big. The Conch Train goes around the island (on rubber tires) to give the tourist a history tour.

There is a festive spirit year round in Key West.

Thanks for coming this way.

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PS: (Pictures from the internet)

I thought I would quit gripping for a night.


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(My Key West Prize, I bought this 1955 Chevy for $50 while there, Sherry & Mark on the trunk)


betty said...

What a sweet picture of Sherry and Mark!! I've never been to Florida, Jack, but the way you describe it, it makes me want to go! I know the beaches are so different than what we have on the west coast. I like how everyone claps at the end of the sunset :)


Lindie said...

One of my good friends got married at the very south end of the Keys, on the beach and barefoot at sunset. What could be better? Wish I had been there!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the little trip to the beach for me today! I think having a party on the pier to celebrate the sunset is a great idea....Here where we are getting colder and colder each day, the thoughts of warm and sunny Florida are wonderful. At least I'll be able to enjoy it through your blog.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» doesn't think Chevrolet has ever done better than the '55-'56-'57s....

Elizabeth said...

I have not been to Key West in years but I remember it as a lovely place to visit!

Helen said...

I have been to the end of Key West once. I don't suppose I will ever make that trip again. Glad that you two made it down to warmer country.

Anonymous said...

Don has lived there for years, but is coming back to NJ/NY. I don't think I could(or would)live there, but I do like visiting.

Chatty Crone said...

Do you like to drive Jack - that is a long way down. Was it the Salty Dog Bar - that is the name of the bar Hemingway went to down there. My dad would drive us to Miami when I was little - and I thought it was infinity miles away. lol. sandie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this journey very much. Still a bit ill, this weather was much enjoyed. Please have you all a good Friday.

shirl72 said...

I have been to several Fl. places.
I liked Marco Island. Amelia
Island is a beautiful place.
Maybe someday I will move there.
LOL. Then you can visit me in the
Winter not Spring...HA.

Paula said...

I'm still here the moon didn't fall on me but the Dermatoligist worked me over today but I'm okay. Just don't seem to have anything to write about.

Jackie said...

I was born and raised in Florida. I love the Sunshine State. I have never been to Key West, though. Perhaps, one day...
Sending you smiles,