Thursday, November 22, 2012

Righting and Writing



We all know the problems with the English language. I am not happy with the language, but it is the only one I know.  I wish I had had the foresight to study to be bi-lingual. Some of you know Robert,  who has some great pictures of Athens, Greece, as well as a lot of common sense insights. Robert teaches English, speaks and writes in 5 languages. That is fascinating to me.

I have been fortunate to visit Athens twice and also to have a childhood friend who lives there. One day I would like to visit again, this time as a civilian with my lovely wife.

I am in the process of writing a romance novel.  I do not have the ability to use this confusing language well enough to express my thoughts. But I have always had story ‘ideas’.  For years I was a ‘story teller’. Telling a story is fun, doing that, you can use props, body language, facial expressions and a smile. BUT my WRITING, in the English language, requires someone else to make it RIGHT.  A proof reader plus insights.

I have been fortunate, Sherry knows the English language, and up until now, she has proofed the WRITING to make it RIGHT.

When I mentioned that many readers have asked for a romance novel, so my plans to write a senior romance novel, is finally happening ( at least 5 readers have asked). Then my lover informed me, “I am not proofing this one, I want to be a reader and read the book through without having repeatedly read it sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.”

I mentioned it on this Blog, and I received a response from ‘B’, (she comments anonymously on the Shipslog), saying she would be glad to help. Fortunately I had read her on a forum I frequent. I agree with a lot of her style, stands, religious, political and personal.

'‘B’ warned me that at times she could be BRUTAL. (Also she would not proof a lewd book, shucks!) So far, she has been VERY insightful and even added evocative tones (something Sherry has always refused to do).

Anyway, I am enjoying reading ‘My Book’ as it returns, chapter by chapter or page by page.

I think the seniors will like the book. Sofia, sister to Aunt Agnes that just passed, is near 90. She smiled to hear about the new book. “I want to buy the first one,” she said.  Judy’s Mother up in Maine, tells Judy she wants everything I write. She also tells her how fortunate she is to know me. LOL. She is in her 90’s.  My very senior girl friends tell me to write fast because they don’t have that much longer. LOL.

Well if I can continue to WRITE, and ‘B’ can continue to make it ‘RIGHT’.  We will have a book in a few months.

Thanks for coming by the log, you help make my life RIGHT!

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People may never tell you that mistakes are your fault, but they don’t mind blaming you anyway!



It is amazing to see how cars WERE delivered, Now I see 9-10 on one truck. The lower pic with the one over the cab, was a real innovation back then.


betty said...

I admire Sherry for saying she wanted to read this book for enjoyment rather than for work of editing it! Glad you did find someone to edit and proof it for you Jack!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sherry! It sounds like you will be busy while enjoying the sunshine down there.

Anonymous said...

Please have you all a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

To make things right, it is German which I teach to willing and even unwilling students ;)

Back to 'normal', I hope, tomorrow, after losing three years of blogging. After the shock, it turned out to be some kind of relief.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. And your book sounds great. Love, sandie

Dar said...

So did you eat too much turkey with all those fantastic trimmings? I know I ate far too much and then ask, why did I do that?
You know I'll buy one of those Senior love stories...I'll let Mama read it first....don't tell.
Love the cars piled up...I always wanted to be 16 when those came out.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is happy to see the Studebakers - both the '28 President and the ones on the truck in this post. Of the Studebakers on the top of the truck, there are 2 President models. The one in the top center next to the pickup is a President Classic, built on the 120" wheelbase. The other one is a regular President, built on the 113" wheelbase. Note the difference between the windows in the rear doors of the two Presidents. The Classic has the venting, the regular President does not. The difference in the wheelbase was in the rear door.

«Louis» hopes you had a delightful Thanksgiving day!

Louis la Vache said...

Another comment on the Studebakers on the transport. Note that the tractor is a Ford. Studebaker-Packard president James Nance noted in his dairy his anguish over the fact that the companies that transported Studebakers and Packards weren't using Studebaker trucks, despite his efforts to get them to buy Studebaker equipment. Studebaker built a road-going truck capable of pulling the car trailers. What a battle Nance had on his hands! His company was falling apart, largely because of events beyond his control and falling apart in ways no one could predict when he so confidently took the helm at Packard in 1952...