Friday, November 9, 2012

Mama let daddy in the kitchen, but only to eat.

My daddy was a wonderful man. He tried to help mama AROUND THE HOUSE, but seemed to make a job harder by trying. My mama babied daddy when it came to food. She would cook just for him, but she did not allow daddy to try to cook anything. She would shoo him out of the kitchen.  I am not using dining room, because all of my life we ate in the Kitchen.

Even after mama had an automatic washing machine (vice the wringer washer), she didn’t allow dad to try that.  He was always willing, but mama would say, “I’ll take care of that Frank.” Some folk should stay out off the kitchen, and dad was one of them.

I did inherit some of mama’s genes and I can do a little in the kitchen, and I can wash dishes and clean the floors.

Now that ain’t saying much in a motor home, but it still has to be done. I am usually the last one to bed at night, so I try to make sure the sink is cleaned and all dishes washed (most of them mine anyway) before I retire. Seldom is there a dish or glass in the sink in the morning.

Sherry let’s me cook a couple times a week. I do mostly chicken. Last night it was Chicken thighs, pressured, using a table spoon of minced garlic and a few dashes of Ms. Dash and two cups of non fat chic broth. I made Chicken flavored rice, canned corn and peas. We also had celery stalk sections with p-nut butter. We had Mark and Luke over for super.

Sherry likes to have biscuits for honey and butter so she fixed biscuits. Drink was Green Tea.

I enjoy playing in the kitchen, I have dabbled in it the last 50 years of our marriage. Since retirement it is part of my recreation. LOL

I love rice, do you have any special way you prepare rice?

Thanks for coming by the log.

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I do not believe our forefathers envisioned a “professional Politician”. I believe if we had term limits for congress, as we do for the president, our country would run much smoother.



The guy above wanted to be ready when he got to the river!

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Elizabeth said...

A delightful post! I love plain rice with butter, my grandchildren love my rice and gravy!

betty said...

I love the car boat; too cute!! That was neat how your mom spoiled your dad like that; she probably enjoyed it immensely! Yum on what you guys "threw" together for dinner! I bet sharing it with family was the best!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

My kitchen is not "my own" anymore, since CityBoy has discovered a love for canning...!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

In my kitchen, I was the one that cooked until my boys got old enough and then they pitched in. All of them loved to eat and were always watching what I did so they all knew how to cook. My daughter was the social butterfly and really didn't cook til she got married. All of them still cook a lot of the meals they have in their own homes too. Your dinner sounds delicious and I do love chicken and rice. I put onion soup and mushroom soup over it and cover and bake it all together. I'm with Sherry, there is nothing like some biscuits to top off the meal. Glad you'll soon be heading to warmer parts. We are to warm up in mid 60's this weekend but colder days are ahead.

Lucy said...

I don't use Rice much for us. Spunky could probably tell you how it tastes best. That is always in whatever I cook for him. I do not like honey and my kids all thought I was crazy but I can even taste it in cereal. Your dish sounds pretty good that you fixed. I would eat some of Sherry's biscuits with jelly.

Chatty Crone said...

I let my hubs in the kitchen but afterwards there is A LOT of clean up! We have a trade off system here.

Now you can add a can of mixed veggies in the rice. Or you can fry it with an egg, put the veggies in it and some soy sauce = fried rice.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Paula said...

I cook my rice in the microwave, do you? It turns out so much fluffier then when I cook it the regular way. John knows how to make Ramen Noodle. lol

shirl72 said...

Mother would not let me in her
kitchen either. I got to wash the dishes. She just like to be alone in her kitchen. Could she ever turn out a good meal, whatever
breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dar said...

Bill and all 4 of the boys are all good cooks and great at the grill. It surprises me sometimes when I realize they actually were watching, listening and learning. My first born, Darcie, however, was the one that loved being in the barn with the animals, particularly her horses. That is still 'the way it is.' Her hubby does most the cooking but she is also great in the kitchen. She says she doesn't want her houseful of guys get used to it...thank God she makes a living doing what she loves, horse photography and training ponies.
Bill always made breakfast on the weekends. Now, Andy does.
Mama would let Dad cook on occasion. Mostly making sausage, etc. after a successful hunt.
All the GrandLoves are right beside me helping out, when we bake.
Good entry Jack. And you're right...we will survive.

JOHN said...

I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures.
God Bless

Rose said...

Sounds like you are good in the kitchen too!

I had a great recipe for rice and went searching for it as I seldom make it anymore because it requires a stick of butter and I no longer eat dairy much.

If I come across it I will send it to you.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Anonymous said...

We try to share kitchen and its content. Love rice with anything spicy. Please have you all a good Sunday.