Monday, November 19, 2012

We have all been silly at one time (or another)

the boywithgreenhair

The movie “A Boy with Green Hair”, came to Albemarle, NC in 1949-1950. The local ‘Show’ (not theater) advertised anyone with green hair got in free. My buddy Vondale and I bought a bottle of cake coloring for 25 cents, died our hair green and got in free. That way we didn’t have to pay the normal 9 cents for a ticket, total of 18 cents to get in. I have always been good at math!Winking smile

However, I was a good con-man. Guy Abee and myself finally found a big truck innertube patched it and were headed for the service station to pump it up. I convinced Guy he should carry it  to the station (It was awkward & heavy) and then I would bring it back after we put 50 lbs of air in it, it would be heavy.  I rolled it back.

He got over it and we played dare devil in it. One of us would curl up inside it and the other would push it a down hill. You could not drive it, it went where it was aimed. Trees, cars or walls. We never got hurt, it was fun.

I mentioned once, Vondale had a horse, he came to visit me in Valdese and we were at Jim & Bub’s house to see Frank (their horse). Vondale said “Watch this,” and he stuck his hand in Frank’s mouth, “ Frank clamped down and Vondale yelled and pulled his fingers out of Franks mouth. “My horse don’t do that,” he yelled. I guess all horses are not the same.Smile

Once a friend picked Sherry and I up at the Airport. He had a luggage rack on top, I threw our heavy suit case on top. ‘Better tie it down’, said Jim. I said, “No man that dude is heavy.”

Yeah, you guessed it clothes and uniforms up and down the road and a ruined suitcase. We all do silly stuff sometimes, Don’t we?Surprised smile

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Mama taught me, Never count your chickens before they hatch; and ‘Better safe than sorry’. If you run counter to them,  you will learn, they are good policies.



Suggestion: If you put a suitcase in the luggage rack, TIE IT DOWN! This is a 1959 Rambler cross country.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Beware of the nasty ole' Florida turkeys...!!
Safe travels my friends...and when you get back, come see me at Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area...great views..!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We all have those silly times in life and I guess it's a good thing. I sure have had my share of them. Hope your Monday is a great one!

Anonymous said...

And it's not enough to tie it down, you must use a sufficient rope. I couldn't figure out for a long time why that trucker wouldn't quit flirting and honking his horn at me. Finally, I realized he was trying to tell us we had lost our luggage!

Cher' Shots said...

Your story about the inner tube was a hoot! We used to climb in and take turns riding as one of our siblings would run behind and roll us. We had a few scratches from the gravel driveway as we tipped over, but no great injuries. LOVE your stories.
'love & hugs from afar'

Rose said...

I'd love to see a picture of you with GREEN HAIR! lol


Anonymous said...

:) Yes, life felt much more easier years ago. Impressive idea to get your green hair.

Please have you all a good Tuesday.

Dar said...

Never did the green hair thing, but did play Dare Devil often. Cher got lucky, riding on the driveway, us older ones used to see if we could dump one of our siblings in the sewer...not a happy Mama upon success. I used to ride Penny and Poncho upside-down, just hanging onto their manes, and rode bareback, standing. It sure was fun, but Mama didn't much like that either. I loved the dare-devil stuff~~~
How cool to meet Gary Burghoff...I loved him as Radar...
Oh, the mystery stone building was a smoke house.
I never saw an otter spin in water, but I have seen one climb onto the 4-wheeler. Bill thought he was going to take it for a spin to the Flambeau River.
Animals are amazing. On video, long ago, I have deer, partridge, doves, Bluejays, squirrels and a coon all communicating like family. They all took off when the bear came in. I'll never forget it.

betty said...

The good thing with using food dye, I'm sure the green washed out of your hair pretty quickly. Wonder if your mom knew of all your antics you pulled, Jack, especially the one with the tire intertube and how you guys played with it. I'm sure she spent a lot of time in prayer!


Chatty Crone said...

What would life be like with out the fun times - the mistakes - the laughter - and the memories? sandie

Fred Alton said...

Evenng Jack and Sherry! Just got caught up on reading your blog all the way back to the one about your pet, Bingo. Had a beautiful week-end here - I hunted on Saturday...I go to pick up deer meat tomorrow from the Butcher Shop. They only charged $61 for an 87 lb deer. TRhey skin, cut it into roast, tenderloin, steaks, etc. and wrap for the freezer. Best red meat available. Love them pets that hunt for ya.
Black and tan dogs generally make the best deer dogs. Beagles are good here because they can crawl under and through the laurel thickets and trail up and down the mountains. We don't use dogs here nowadays but used to in the past.
Hpe ya'll are having a great trip. Stay safe.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
While there was nothing "sexy" about those Ramblers, they were good cars and (in «Louis'» opinion) more handsome than the excessive GM offerings of '59...

Speaking of '59 - Mme la Vache spotted a '59 Ford Skyliner (retractable top) this afternoon. «Louis» spun the Vachemobile around to take a look. It was original and unrestored and in almost perfect condition.