Saturday, January 3, 2015



We were at a McDonalds for coffee, on the way to check the mail a couple days ago. The young lady behind the counter radiated joy and was displayed by a beaming smile.

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You may be that person.  And I am sure you have met one. It just gives you a good feeling!

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You have been served by persons that you could tell the smile was forced. It could be a battle they are handling, or they may force a smile because it is part of the job and necessary. It may not be a natural part of their life.


I am not complaining, I love all smiles.  But it does me good when I am given that special smile by a complete stranger at an information booth or behind a cash register.


At the same McDonalds the lady behind us had a radiant smile and a hat about like mine and Sherry struck up a happy conversation. Just looking on I was made VERY HAPPY. I love it.

If you like trained dogs look this over. You will smile.

Nite Shipslog


Animals can seem to make a sour face smile.

PS2: It is harder to smile when you are changing computers.Surprised smileOpen-mouthed smile I need a Beagle!



An old International Harvester Woodie.

(Again thanks to the Packard man, Louis!)


jack69 said...

It took 8 hours to bet this entry on. And I think I still have just a smidgen of patience left. But then, I am not required elsewhere at present.

jack69 said...
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jack69 said...

It took 8 hours to bet this entry on. And I think I still have just a smidgen of patience left. But then, I am not required elsewhere at present.


A smile can make your day for sure. Glad you met someone who made you smile too.

betty said...

I am finding this area has lots of friendly people with smiling faces. It does make one feel good to see a smile rather than a frown.


shirl72 said...

Smiles will make you happy when
you are sad inside. To smile
at a stranger and get a smile
back is wonderful..We never know
their heart may be breaking but
a smile brings gladness. To me
a smile is sunshine.

Mevely317 said...

I saw this a little earlier (on my phone) and you know, it reminded me to turn my cynicism right around. There are lots of GOOD people, cheerful people out there, if we don't let ourselves get consumed by the spoiled brats.
Thank you for this sweet reminder!

Unknown said...

Hi Jack69! May I add a story to this? My husband, a sanguine, never-meet-a-stranger-type, could not get one toll booth attendant to smile for us on our last road trip. What must be going on in their lives to not give so much as a smirk for a stranger passing by? Maybe working a toll booth is just that miserable ;)
Thanks for posting this encouragement, even if it took 8 hours. (Our computer is currently giving us troubles ugh!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm a day late reading this, but agree that smiles are wonderful. You and I both had them on our minds when we made our posts for the day. I'm trying real hard to keep smiling here this morning but it appears that my fridge has stopped working.Things are starting to thaw out in the freezer. I've a big job ahead taking everything out and putting the contents in coolers. Thankfully it is cool outside. Hopefully I won't loose everything. I'm going to have another cup of coffee here and then get to work. I'll be skipping church this morning. Hope all is well there at your house. SMILE