Wednesday, November 18, 2015

FRIENDS, A feel good Thing.

I am very thankful I have been blessed with pretty good health. The only time I have been in the hospital has been elective surgery.  I imagine I have had the normal amount of colds and flu attacks.  Shingles?  I have known lots of family and friends who engaged in a fight with the disease, but I have been spared, until now.


Whether I have a high tolerance for pain or I had a light case I do not know.  Maybe it was breaking my normal stubborn streak and going to a doctor early, that helped.

No matter, what this is about is FRIENDS!  The term ‘friend’ is used loosely. I am on face book every once and awhile, I have many ‘FRIENDS’, with lots of family and people I ‘know’.  I also have some that I have met on the net and have never seen.  It is funny in my mind that I have friends I do not know, Some I have never heard their names before.  I do not dislike them, and I appreciate them being attached via FB but in reality they are not really friends, are they?

I have been thinking while in this little fight with Shingles and the well wishes from family and friends. It has been refreshing to know folks care from the western states, Utah/Arizona, down to Texas and up to the northern reaches of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It is refreshing to get well wishes from folks in Kaintuck, Alabama, Tenn, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

I still think the name shingles sounds silly. If you have read any of my books you have met one of the heroes, Buddy. He is one of the Modern Vigilantes. I have known Buddy since our teens.  He has always been witty and can bring a smile under trying circumstances. Anyway I got this line from him:


“Di and I got our shots for shingles earlier this year, but with my luck I'll probably get ‘Aluminum Siding’ or some other dread malady.  LOL!”

aluminum siding


I do want to thank everyone for your kind words. I am doing very well now, very little pain and I don’t want to SCRATCH the area TOO MUCH!

And a word of caution since I heard from Buddy, I am going to be cautions about the diseases of Brick, Windows and Concrete!


Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it. Friends are the best!

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Jackie said...

A good one, Jack! As always.
I'm so sorry that you got Shingles, but I am glad that if you had to have them, you got a light case. I, too, received the Shingles vaccine some time ago. Thankful, that there is no brick vaccine or aluminum siding vaccine.
You are a funny fella!

betty said...

Glad to hear you are back in the "land of the living" and feeling a bit better from the shingles. I love Buddy's sense of humor. It is a good reminder for us when we get to the age they recommend to get the shingles shot.

It is neat too to have friends all over the country and world, even if we never meet face to face :)


Paula said...

Yes do stay away for that Aluminum Siding, that was funny. Glad you're feeling better. Computers can be frustrating but they are worth it with the good friends you make on line. I still have very long time friends and even two who rented from me years ago. One calls me about twice a year and she alwsys tells me how Melvin taught her how to fold diapers when she had her first baby while renting from us.

shirl72 said...

I wondered where you ordered your shingles from Home Depot or Lowe's.
I will stay away from both places. Glad you are feeling better. We both have been blessed with good health. I am also blessed with good friends. Life had been good. I sing the song "Life is just a bowl of Cherries and there is a pit in it sometime" hee hee

Mevely317 said...

Buddy's comment just cracked me up!
After your experience I called my insurance company this morning to verify I'm covered for the Shingles vaccine. Friday it is!

Re. on-line friends? Yes, I've one or two folks on FB who've accepted my 'friend request' when, in fact, I can't recall ever having asked!
On the other hand, when I began blogging I never expected the close friendships which grew and blossomed. Blessed, for sure!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you're doing better.

Rick Watson said...

Ol Buddy tickled my funny bone.

Glenda said...

Good to hear you're episode with shingles is fading away. Also, wanted to comment on the "we're at war", it is a frightening thing, and I think your solution for refugee placement is a good one.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are blessed with a lot of friends for sure. A light case of the shingles is a blessing too! I've not had them but some close to me have. They can be very unpleasant.