Saturday, November 28, 2015

Parched Peanuts


When we picked up the Pecans Sherry’s cousin gave us a couple gallons of whole pecans, small size.  He also gave us 5 gallons of peanuts.


I love pecans, but the peanut has a big history in my family. The first job daddy had after he and mama were married was that of a share-cropper with a p-nut farmer. One of dad’s best stories was that the man didn’t put much faith in him to grow peanuts on that particular farm, he didn’t care if he was a ‘praying man’, but they would give it a try. Dad said that year he raised a boxcar full of peanuts.  Everyone was amazed that he and mama could raise and harvest all those nuts. He had proven himself a young farmer, and a praying man.


As a little shaver when visiting great Grandpa Hilly, Dad’s maternal grandpa, most evenings we would gather around to hear stories by the old folk and eat peanuts parched in the fireplace. There ain’t nothing that makes a bigger ‘looking’ mess than 8-10 people eating parched peanuts and throwing the shells back in the fire.  It always looks worse than it is. Grandpa  said, the shell scraps help hold the dust down when you are sweeping up.


I like peanuts when they are green just out of the ground, I like them dry and raw.  Of course I like them parched, and I like them salted. Growing up  at our house, very many days there was the smell of parched peanuts. Oh yeah, and peanut butter.


Son Mark likes peanuts, he always gets a lion’s share when Ralph give us the Georgia peanuts.

I like boiled peanuts, we never had boiled nuts at our house, so I looked on the net for a recipe.  You can forget me fixing them. BUT I will now appreciate the guys along the road selling them. The recipe  said throw some sea salt in and  boil them for 3 hours, if they  aren’t to your liking, boil them 3 more hours. WOW!


AS I type this, Sherry is cracking pecans.  She has already parched us some peanuts.


(Sherry misread it, thought it was baby butter!)

Thanks for reading this nutty entry.

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PS: One thing I never knew about peanuts growing up. I NEVER knew that there are some folk with a serious ‘deadly’ allergy to peanuts. I am glad that is not me.


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Jackie said...

I love peanuts, too.
I love them boiled (my favorite!) I have to admit, I've never had them parched in the fireplace, but I think I would love them that way, too!!

betty said...

It would have been terrible if you were allergic to peanuts; I never had them fresh from the ground; but I do like eating peanuts. A restaurant here, Texas Roadhouse, puts them in little tin buckets at tables to munch on. We ate there last night; I always have to make sure to stop eating them to save room for the food I ordered.

Loved your nutty entry :)


Mevely317 said...

Yay for your daddy ... teaching those nay-sayers a thing or two!

I love dry roasted peanuts to distraction (and DH's dismay) - but I never summoned the courage to taste the 'hot boiled' variety. Perhaps I'll do so next month while we're in Pike Road.

Hope your day is great fun? I'll all excited (probably for naught) about today's Iron Bowl!

Paula said...

Recently my daughter and son-in-law laughed at me for using the word parched. We never boiled them we parched them. They thought I should have said roasted. We still drive out to John's peanut field at times to remember mostly his memories as by time I came out he was leasing it to others to raise the peanuts.

Jean said...

I like peanuts boiled and parched. I can remember as a young teen we young teens would work all evening picking off peanuts to have a peanut boiling that night. That was good times to remember. Take care. Jean

Rick Watson said...

I could eat my weight in parched or boiled peanuts.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have bought bags of unshelled salted peanuts and do like them very much, but have never noticed if they were parched or boiled. Now I'm going to have to look closely next time I get some, but I think they say roasted. Some folks in your family are really going to get a treat this year.

Lisa said...

Love this little nutty story. I like sugar coated amd chocolate coated peanuts. My favorite nut is "Brazil" nuts but thats not what we call them. ;)

Keep crackin