Friday, November 27, 2015

Little House on the Prairie

I remember Michael Landon on the Ponderosa. I thought he had lost it when he starred in ‘The little House on the Prairie’. But bringing Laura Ingles Wilder’s stories of Prairie life alive was a hit.

Mellissa Gilbert was wonderful playing Laura.  One of the problems of being portrayed, the actress actually becomes the other person in ‘The eyes of the audience, us.’

We learned this when we stopped by DeSmit, South Dakota.  In DeSmit the focus is on the real Laura Ingles Wilder not the Laura of the TV Series. But to me some one is missing the boat for PR,  Like it or not,  The rest of the world knows this family as Laura Ingles Family:

the Ingles TV

This is the real Charles and Caroline ingles.


And below, this is the Real Laura Ingals Wilder the famous writer:

Laura Ingles Wilder

But to us who watched TV, This is Laura Ingles. with very good casting I think.


We enjoyed our (2) stops at DeSmit, SD.  I learned a lot and it is very interesting to learn more of the real life of Laura and her family.


This was a house that Pa built.


This was the Surveyors house. He let the Ingles live in it over the BAD winter. Laura recorded that this had saved their lives, the old cabin on the hill could not have been heated thru that tough winter.


These trees still stand that Pa planted. the monument on the hill (and below) is where the little house on the Prairie stood.


I love history, and I enjoyed the TV series.  It is hard for us who did not know Laura as the famous writer, to picture anyone other than Melissa Gilbert when we hear “Half Pint”.

If you would ever get to South Dakota, DeSmit is a nice respite.  You can go a little further and take in the Corn Palace and the Badlands.

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betty said...

It was a great TV series; great family values portrayed there. I would imagine, as always, they "romanticized" some of the things that actually happened with the "real" Ingalls family :)


Chatty Crone said...

Thanks for sharing - I loved that show!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always loved that story and knowing that the Ingles family was a true story makes it even better. Good for us all to remember how good we have it now with none of the struggles our settlers went through. Still they were simpler times and that's not all bad for sure. Dark and cloudy day here in Ohio with some rain, but very soon some of my family will be over to decorate gingerbread houses so there will be sunshine with all the smiles they will bring ! Hope you all well and happy !

Lisa said...

I love that show. But ya know? I never knew there was a "Real" Laura Ingles. Really! Now I wonder if there was a real "johnBoy" from the Waltons? Hmmm.

Thanks for the History Lesson

Mevely317 said...

I loved that show! It's nice to see these photos of the 'real' Ingalls family; but Melissa Gilbert will always be 'Half Pint' in my mind.

Paula said...

Nice entry, thanks for the history.

Rick Watson said...

Those were beautifully written stories and I loved the show.
You guys have been everywhere :)

shirl72 said...

I loved watching that show. I wish we had some shows on TV today that had stories like that show. Interesting to read about it again.

Elizabeth said...

Love this post and seeing the photo of the real Engles! I still enjoy the reruns of the show with my grandchildren!

Jackie said...

I absolutely LOVE this post!
I'm going to do my best to go there and see it for myself.
Thank you, Jack, for bringing history to me...and encouraging the love of history.
Sending you and Sherry much love.