Monday, November 23, 2015

Looking at the Future: THAT WILL BE ME! (Sherry says that is YOU NOW!)


(But it ain’t, I do not have gray hair)

While we stayed in the Orlando area our coach faced the entry door of a coach on the other side of the street.  An elderly couple (older than I,  of course) occupies a very nice Fleetwood motor home.  I could not help but see them as they returned home just after we had  set up, they were very feeble.

The old gent stutter steps but still he aids his wife  as they walk. (fast forward a few years) I am seeing Sherry and I out our front picture window.  I see time flying as we guide each other thru the final stages of our lives.

(*** Sand Hill Cranes)


This couple seems too feeble to be RV’ing, but they actually may not be doing the moving.  Some folk have their children or a friend drive the coach, and they just live in it.

I wonder if I will be smart enough to know when to stop. I cannot trust my sister Shirl to make that decision, or she would say STOP NOW!! AAAAAAA



I know there comes a time that one is too old to make the decisions with the speed required to operate 26,000 pounds of vehicle on the highways of our great country.  You and I see folks who should not be driving for their safety and the safety of the public. WHO should make that decision?  How should it be made? We have a BIL who is limited to driving within 10 miles of his home.  That allows him to still be independent and get his meds and groceries. (But we all know that too is dangerous, but the DOT doesn’t want to make the decision.)

I can only speak for me. I still feel confident with my driving. I always have a second opinion. She is the other passenger in this coach. I hope if she says, “Honey it is unsafe for us to drive.”  That I will listen.

Age alone is not the determining factor, we humans know that. There are a FEW people who can drive safely into their 90’s, and some who are not safe at 50!  So STAY TUNED, IMMA THINKING! (PS: Sherry just said ‘wintering in Arizona next year is OUT!’… “Summer in Alaska, OUT!…… Shucks!)

On second thought, maybe my passenger is not the best source, I may need a third opinion!

This is me enjoying the shingles on my head. My right eye was closed from swelling. You can see there are some still drying up.


I am smiling and enjoying the attention.

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PS: ***(Pictured: Sand Hill Cranes, they stand near 4’ tall, as they wander about the park finding bugs, this crane can be dated back 10 million years, the most common Crane. Their call is weird, a rattling bugle, or something LOL)


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betty said...

A smile on your face with shingles! That takes some work I think!

I know some hospitals have simulators and other programs to help determine if a person is safe to drive as they creep up in age or have had a stroke, etc. Maybe when the time comes if you don't agree with your 2nd opinion with Sherry (which I think would be a wise opinion myself) then maybe you'll agree to something like this?? It is so hard to give up the keys so to speak when the ability to drive goes down physically, mentally, etc.

I know hubby's dad should have stopped driving a few years before he actually did. Doctors told him to; he said he would disinherit his sons if they took the keys away from him. I prayed he wouldn't kill anyone or himself. Thankfully physically he just couldn't turn the key any more to start the engine (he had rheumatoid arthritis) and the wrench I think he was using to help turn the key, he couldn't do that any more so he stopped, 6 weeks before he passed; at 89 years old.

I hope hubby won't be that stubborn. Perhaps if so, I'll just get to the point of not wanting to drive with him.

But you are a wise man, Jack; I think you'll know and heed the advice of others when the time comes.


Jean said...

I hope I can continue driving a few more years. Grover hasn't driven much in years and I'm glad that I'm still able to drive and not depend on other help to get around. I think I do well physical and mental, but we never know when that could end. I think you are doing great I'm sure you will know when you feel the need to give it up. I have never heard of shingles on the head, I bet that is some pain although you can still smile. I'm enjoying this cooler weather it probably will be gone tomorrow.(smile) Take care. Jean

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, those shingle-spots appear worse than I imagined. I suspect your positive attitude (vs. times you'd rather throw something) is key to a speedy recovery.

Now, we've not 'known' one another very long ... but from reading your blog, I doubt you're the kind of fellow who'd ever, EVER risk Sherry's or your own safety out there on the highway.

PS -
If wintering in Arizona is 'out', how do y'all feel about July or August? :)

Lisa said...

This is funny. Me and my Husband will sit on the beach or the campground and observe "older couples" (some have more energy than I do right now). We will bump each other and say "Hey, there we are 20 years from now". We get a kick out of it but really its just wishful thinking.

glad those shingles are drying up.

Elizabeth said...

We just had a experience with someone who should not be driving. Husband came out of local grocery store and our blue Mercury Marquis was gone from the 1st parking spot. He called Sheriff department. A few minutes later they called him back and said a 80 year old lady who drives a white kia accidentally got in his car and drove home, he had left the key in it. When she got home a neighbor told her that it was not her car.

Paula said...

John's sister has started harping on him and she is right about taking his medicine. I will not dole it our because he will take it the way he wants and if something happened I would be responsible.

Unknown said...

Jack, you look like you've been shot! Good that you can smile. I bet that's cause Sherry was taking the picture.
I like the pictures of the cranes.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have already limited myself in what driving I do. I tend to want to dose off if I go more than an hours drive away from home. Especially when I'm by myself. So I said no more to that one. Now any long trips I take, the driving is done by someone else. Being able to get where I need to go is never a problem, thanks to my family. Those shingles do look painful. I've never known anyone to have them on their head. Ouch !