Sunday, November 8, 2015

There are always Questions

Would you like to start all over again?  Have a ‘Do over’?  A Reset button or cut and paste in real life?

Sometimes it is your family, acquaintances or even the  strangers whom you sit beside on a bus or plane.  There are those questions to Break the Ice. Where are you from? What do you do for a living, etc? pop up.

012 - Copy

(Stella, A year or so ago watching her Paw Paw Mark)

There was a cute little girl who sat close to us at a restaurant. She was talking to her mom, very animated. She looked at me and smiled. (reminded me of G-grandaughter Stella).

  A  very old guy (    AAAAAAA - Copy   )sitting across the room had evidently noticed our attention to the girl, walked over, excused his intrusion and asked, “Wouldn’t you love to start all over again?” And he indicated the cute kid.

100_3552 - Copy

(Stella was playing with my hat here, she is a natural ham)

We at the table knew exactly what he was asking. We laughed and passed the time of day for a minute and he left.  But I continued to have contradictory thoughts of starting over:

‘Yes I would and this time I would study ENGLISH .’ Then I thought,

‘Nah not 4 yrs old again, maybe 38 or 48.’

 But we don’t get that choice. So we live life as best we can, do the best we can and like ourselves with all our warts and wrinkles.

(Methinks girls have a harder time with this than boys!)

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I have one thing in my life I cannot explain.  I still wonder why it makes me feel good to see an old car or truck of any kind, even in pictures.  I wish all old pictures had been taken including a car  (LOL)

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Mevely317 said...

True, that!
... the caveat being, I'd remember all of my prior mistakes.

I suppose each those MIS-actions contributed to my being who I am today ...and who's stayed by my side.

PS - Besides, I don't think I could bear to sit through another algebra classroom!

Jackie said...

Cute photo of the little girl....
And....starting over: yep. Thought about it. Would do some things differently. Wouldn't change some things at all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm probably the odd man out here, but no, I wouldn't like to start all over. I'm thankful for all that my life has been and even though I am still learning the lessons, I don't think I'd have done much differently. I made a few mistakes, but then there were so much more in my life, I count it all blessings.

betty said...

Stella is so adorable :) This year has been a particular hard insightful one for me, wishing I had a chance to do over some things and realizing I won't have that chance to do so. All in all though, its been a great life :)


shirl72 said...

Stella is a beautiful little girl with a sincere look. If I could
start over I would take my music career more serious. I am still into music. Will be singing tomorrow with a band. I am thankful for having good parents and a good home.