Friday, November 6, 2015

I’m just Lucky

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He must have created her for greatness, then saw I needed help, and then prepared her for me. There is so much she COULD have done in her life, but she settled for being my wife, companion, lover and best friend. I was 15 when I met her and 17 when I married her.

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Lucky, Fortunate, Blessed?  I cannot say for sure (probably all of the above), but I do know in life it has been my pleasure to have SHERRY for a wife.

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I have said many times, most of the bumps in this marriage have been caused by me. Due to her forgiving Christian nature, she hung in there.  She brought two fine boys into the world. They both love her and call her Mama.

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Today is her thirty-ninth birthday. I love math it was and is, of my favorite subjects.  But it still is a mystery to me that we could have been married fifty nine years and she is still THIRTY NINE.

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As I go through all out old stuff, I always run across some award she was given. No matter where she worked, she was praised because of her work effort. If we hung the plaques and letters of commendations on the wall, she would really have what many call a ‘Vanity Wall’, but they are stored back. One day the boys will go thru that stuff and say, ‘Look here, I didn’t know mama received this award.’

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But it is not the awards that make her SPECIAL. She was born special.


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Her favorite car 1948 Chevy Fleetline (we never owned one)::

1948 chevrolet


Lisa said...

Ohhh this is such a sweet post. I love reading about love.
Happy Birthday Sherry!

Eat lots of cake!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Sherry! I love how much you love her Jack!

betty said...

Happy birthday Sherry!! A wonderful tribute you wrote for her, Jack. Her purpose I believe from God was to marry you and have those 2 sons of yours and now the blessings of grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am sure she will hear "well done good and faithful servant" down the line :)

Have a wonderful birthday Sherry!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy 39th Birthday to your sweet Sherry. You are blessed to have her and I'm pretty sure she must feel blessed to have you too. Hope you two have something special going on to celebrate today !

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Sherry!!!Jack you are so blessed to have that beautiful lady as your wife. Hope you both are having a great day.

Paula said...

I wished her a happy birthday early this morning on Facebook but I have to comment here for such a nice tribute from you to her. Hope you are both having a nice day.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Ya did good Jack! Happy Birthday Sherry!


Sheila Y said...

Happy Birthday Sherry! She didn't settle, she was doing God's work keeping you out of trouble. ;-) Have fun celebrating! Sheila

shirl72 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very sweet person. Sherry thanks for helping
keep my Brother out of trouble. HEE HEE You both are a great couple.
I also thank you and Jack for your kindness love you both..

Mevely317 said...

Happy Birthday, Sherry!!!
Jack, I never tire of your tributes to your love. (Hallmark should be so lucky.)

Funny story: This morning I was wandering through a consignment shop and came upon a lady I was SURE was your Sherry. Improbable, of course! ... but her profile was spot on.
Except, when I grew closer she turned and looked at my with the most sullen, angry expression. In a heartbeat, I knew YOUR Sherry would never fix a complete stranger with 'that' look.

Back Porch Writer said...

Happy Birthday Sherry, from Sonya in Nashville! Hope you have enjoyed your 39th! ;-)

shirl72 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a sweet and good person and thank you for being kind and good to my Brother he is a very special person. Glad you are in our family. GOD loves you and I love you.

Rick Watson said...

Jack, as they say down here in football county, "You punted way beyond your coverage" when you landed that one. I've never met Sherry but I feel as though we're already friends.

Jackie said...

Happy birthday, Sherry. You are blessed to have such a fine family, and they are blessed to have you.

Glenda said...

This is such a lovely tribute Jack, Sherry's senior picture is gorgeous!!!