Thursday, November 19, 2015

Interstates are Efficient

One of the greatest advances in travel in the USA was the Interstate system.  President Eisenhower had great foresight.  I heard a few years ago that one of the requirements in the building of the Interstates that every 50 miles a flat stretch must be left for use in landing aircraft in a national emergency. Later I learned it was not true.(I hate learning and unlearning)
The idea of our Interstate system came from Germany's autobahn system, it did have areas for runways built in.
Interstates are built for speed in travel, not sight seeing.  Therefore  the only places you can REALLY enjoy sightseeing on an interstate is in the desert and flat lands, and I do enjoy it. Otherwise you need to EXIT and take the back roads. TO BLOOMFIELD 034
(Exit to Truth or Consequences!)
Interstates have bypassed some of the most unique towns and sights. To tell the truth anymore we drive interstates with the motor home. Once it is parked we do our sight seeing  in the tow vehicle.
ONE exception to the sightseeing statement is I-70 across the Rockies west of Denver, Thru Vail.
We were on the West bound lanes of I-70, The East Bound was under us.

Stay on interstates and you miss the sights and sense from  cities of towns.
Early in our travels we drove the big RV like a van. We stayed on the more narrow back roads to get the feel of the real country. We had a ball, UNTIL THERE WAS A BLOW OUT, with no place to pull off.  Then it got a little too ‘exciting’.
The first incident was the time we decided to visit Gobbler’s Knob & Punxsutawney Phil, in PA.  After  which, heading south. We had our first blowout in a big coach, on a two lane road with no shoulders. Fortunately it was on the rear duals and we could limp to a parking spot. Then the repair and all was well again.
We shoulda heeded the warning.
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PS: Next…The NEXT Blowout!
1928 Chevy Pickup
Nice ‘28 Chevy Pickup
‘34 Studebaker


betty said...

That would be scary with a tire blowout on some of those "roads less traveled." Wise to change and go to the tow vehicle when you want to explore roads like that.


Mevely317 said...

Yikes! I've only experienced a blow-out once; but once is enough!!!
I wasn't driving, but it scared me to pieces all the same. 'Can't begin to wrap my mind around that happening in a big rig.

Disappointed to learn that story about the flat stretch of highway is a myth!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Interstates are wonderful and will get you to your destination faster, but the back roads are always more scenic. Depends on where I'm going as to which one I'll use. The pictures you have put in this post though are quite scenic even if they are interstates. You've had some wonderful trips!