Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Questions Some ‘different’ Places we visited

What is the most interesting place y’all have visited? We are asked often.


I mentioned Alaska once to my sister and her hubby, and they said, “Why Not?”. It was the most satisfying trip ever. Driving thru Canada's Yukon and into Alaska was The Best.

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If you contemplate traveling to Alaska, you will have many nay-Sayers. Terrible dangerous roads and you will ruin your vehicle,etc.  We found very good roads. Exception was the top of the world highway from Dawson to Tok.  It is a dirt ‘scrub board road’ but the wildlife and scenery were worth it.


Dick & Kats motor home on the ferry crossing the Yukon River.

The Alcan Highway itself is very good. The views are continually breath taking. Fishing was great.

Oddest visit: (Devil’s Lake pictures from the net.)

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I considered Devil’s Lake, in North Dakota  the oddest visit. Once traveling around the USA we stopped at an unmanned  welcome station entering North Dakota. There was an official notice, “Visit Devil’s lake Casino” free overnight RV parking with water and electric.

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We entered the town of Devil’s Lake and followed the signs.  The roads soon became a little odd and the signs became ‘Detour to Casino’. Along the road houses were in water up to the windows, cars, power poles and fences in water.


At the Casino a fellow traveler walked over and said, “‘you had to come see it too, huh?”


“You didn’t know?  The lake is rising and they do not know why.”

Inside the management disavowed any ‘free parking’ ad. I paid $15 for the night. There was a big a sign ‘Buy $25 in tokens, get $25 free’, I did.  I got‘THE look’ from my sweetie who whispered, “We do not gamble.”

I said, “We do tonight, but first let’s eat.”

When RV’ing you will find casino food is good, reasonable and actually many places parking is free.

We ate a good meal, I put a $1 in a slot machine and lost it, then I cashed out, I  would not do that normally, but the sign did say FREE PARKING, so it was, along with a free dinner.

The lake did continue to rise until it doubled in size, I learned that the lake had no outlet. It rose until it found an outlet, but not before taking over 400 homes.

The Indians said the white man had changed the Lake’s name from Spirit Lake to Devil’s lake and the Spirits were mad. (In reality they had a lot of rain that year)

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1930 CAddy up, 1930 Lincoln down.



Rick Watson said...

We fell in love with Ireland when we visited there.

Jackie said...

Oooooooooh.... I want to go to Alaska. It's on my Bucket List.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've not been to either place, but thank you once more for sharing the pictures. I have eaten in a casino and there is some good eating to be done there. Didn't pay parking fees at any I went to and didn't waste any money gambling either, just enjoyed the food.

Paula said...

Interesting! I guess John and I aren't gamblers either. Several times we have drove all the way to the casino south of here, walked in, dropped a few quarters in, walked out and drove all the way home. One time we did stop in Pearsall, Texas to eat some gooood Mexican food.

betty said...

Interesting about the lake water rising! I think it would be fun to visit Alaska, of course not in the winter :)

We have 2 casinos here; been in to one to look around; didn't gamble but wanted to check out the restaurant to maybe eat there sometime :)


Mevely317 said...

I never tire of your images from Alaska, Jack.

But(!) Devil's Lake beats all I've ever seen/heard ... CREEPY! Love the way you 'out-thought' the parking charges -- and enjoyed a great meal in the process!