Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Those Questions ( Education and Military)

Every human is  questioned.  Questions fill our every day life.  We have learned to educate ourselves, whether important or trivial through questions.

Among seniors I am asked at times do, “Do you regret dropping out of School?”

There are times I actually do regret it, especially now that I am trying to write. I am smart enough (sometimes) that I can tell a sentence  doesn’t sound right, but I cannot fix it. I do know the difference in there and their.

I have had ‘schooled’ men work for me who could not write an intelligent statement in a pass-down log.  So my answer is: I regret not getting a well  rounded education, including a respect for the English Language.

When folks learn I have served in three branches of service I am always asked:

Which branch did you like best?

Scanoldphoto3 018

There is no simple answer, I really did like them all. The USMC gets marks for being consistent. No matter where you were they expected (demanded) discipline.  Wearing that uniform you knew it had better be neat and every device to EXACT measurements.

Scanoldpic8 021

(Very few pictures of me in the USAF Uniform)

The USAF get marks for caring for their troops and good duty, good schools. When I was issued uniforms in the AF I asked where to sew the stripes, the Airman looked at me like I was silly. “On the sleeves”. Had that been in the Corps the corporal would have said, “Centered 4 3/8 inches from the shoulder seam.” You get the idea. The USAF was terrible from the promotions standpoint. I was Airman of the Quarter, Airman of the year, great marks, no negatives and I was promoted once in over four years.

scanoldpic7 025Fred Fulbright Jr

(My brothers on the left, Cousin Fred Jr.  on the right our family had a deep heritage in the USN, many Uncles and cousins in the Navy in WWII and Korea.)

The USN? A mixture of the above. One ship may toe the line, another might be a McHales Navy. But the one thing you could count on, the Chief was the boss. Respected from the officers down to the Seaman apprentice. The USN was best to me in promotions.  I loved the navy and the sea. I once told my skipper, let me bring my wife aboard, and I am here for life. (No can do)

gtmoa scan0006gtmoa scan0011

(Son Jack on the left and the only pic I could locate of me in my chief’s uniform)

Would you join the military today? You bet, I love this country, we need good men and women to defend it.

Do I agree with ALL the wars? No, never have, but our Military personnel follow orders, they go where they are sent.

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PS: I have a little personal problem. Yesterday the Dr. said, “Yes, that is Shingles.”   ouch!


Smart men, some with no formal education, come up with designs and great ideas in automobiles, BUT it takes the Educated Engineers to take those ideas and put them together to make a working model.


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think that over all you have had a very good education. Not only in the military but in the school of life. There are lots that go to college that are not well educated. Being smart and educated are not always the same things. I keep on learning every day of my life it seems. Ouch is right ...sorry to hear about the shingles. Takes a good while for them to go away from what I've heard. Take care !

betty said...

Oh no with the shingles!! Not fun at all to have them!! Ouch indeed!! Believe you me, there are doctors out there with years of schooling and training and they can't put together a sentence for the life of them. Education is important and good understanding of the English language equally as well, but I think you did have many wonderful life learning experiences with the different careers you had.


Jackie said...

Shingles... Be GONE from Jack. ASAP That's an order (Said in my most militaristic voice!)
Happy Birthday to the Marines....and kudos for a great blog post, Jack.
My favorite branch: The Navy (Daddy's girl that I am.)
Hugs and love,

Unknown said...

Oh, no, the shingles!
You heard about the guy who went to the doctor with shingles. He waited a half hour to see the nurse, then another to see the doctor. After sitting there all that time, the doctor asked, "How can I help you?"
"I have the shingles."
"Where are they?"
"Out back on the truck."

Get well soon!!

Mevely317 said...

Oh, don't let those darn shingles interfere with your upcoming cruise!

I really enjoyed your comparisons of the USMC, AF and Navy. My seaman father was long separated from service by the time I came along, and I've never known any active duty personnel that closely ... so I find these differences fascinating. Small things, perhaps, but when they're happening to you I'm sure they can be appear pretty annoying.

Feel better soon!!!

Paula said...

Like this entry. You are the only one I know who served in more then one branch of the Military. I think you're pretty darn smart. Wishing those dreaded Shingles don't last long. John got the vaccination after a man at church had them but because of my immune system it wasn't recommended I have it, so I didn't.

shirl72 said...

Very good. I told a person the other day you served in three branches of service. He said I have heard of 2 but never 3. I liked seeing the pictures of our Brothers. Take care of yourself, I will get my Dr.'s
book out and read about Shingles. Maybe I will ask about the shot.

Rick Watson said...

I've never regretted my time in the Army. It paved the way for opportunities all my life. Even now I get veteran discounts.
As for education, I have a Masters Degree and I still struggle with making my words flow.
Lastly, SHINGLES? Oh crap!!! My sister-in-law has those right now to and she's had a rough go with them. Take care of yourself buddy.