Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On the Road

Today is a traveling day.  Just after I publish this we will disconnect the sewer, water and electric. Raise the jacks, pull in the slides, secure the loose stuff then start the diesel.

That is always a problem driving  a diesel, on a cool morning the smoke is not good and goes into the fellow RV’ers outfits.  But nothing can be done about it.


(It’s not this bad)

If you are not familiar with the diesel-pusher (meaning the engine is in the rear like it is pushing.), it must idol until the pressure gets to at least 70 PSI before you can safely move, so it idles for a few minutes, kicking out diesel.


I will fudge and try to ease out with less pressure, but still enough to work the air brakes.  I might be fortunate and she will not kick out too much blue smoke. We will hook up the little Fit out in a big parking lot away from other RV’ers.


WE are only headed up the road a couple hundred miles. WE are going to Georgia to get some pecans. Sherry likes to get a 100 pounds to bag for some Christmas gifts and the rest for us to eat all year. I love pecans.


Her cousin get them for us a wholesale prices. WE plan to get some Georgia peanuts also, we all like those. Son Mark especially.


Her cousin gets them cracked for her and we spend a few days enjoying getting them out of the shells.


That is the plan for today.

Nite Shipslog



The 1937 Ford Convertible above was unique.


1938 Buick Coupe Built for the Business man on the road.


betty said...

It sounds like a great plan for the day! Those pictures you posted were so pretty! Safe travels!


shirl72 said...

I had a crazy day yesterday I didn't read the blog until this morning. It is no fun getting old...speaking of driving. I have decided driving get worse when we age. I ask Ann when you get 80 will things change she answered yes...Daisy is 90 and I think she is 87. Mercy have Mercy they are still active. Daisy still drives just around town. It is time to start thinking about settling down. Turning corners is what scares me now..maybe dropping in a hole. Think about it then you can sing
Kermit's song which I sing "It ain't easy being Green lying in the yard all day with the leaves".

Elizabeth said...

Safe travels!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Can't beat those GA pecans....my daughter has 3 trees in her yard...!! Safe travels my friend.....

Jean said...

This sounds like it's going to be a nice trip. It's nice you can travel and take your bed and bath with you. Still a little too cool up here in south Alabama this morning and I have so much that needs to be done on the outside. Safe travel. Jean

Rick Watson said...

I love pecans. We get bags of nuts each year at Christmastime. I call them Christmas nuts, but I could eat my weight in pecans and Brazil nuts.
Y'all travel safe.

Mevely317 said...

Lovin' those pecans! ... But you're right, part of the fun is getting them out of their shelves. I still have my dad's set of nut-crackers and (evil-looking) picks. Goodness, I don't know if they've been used since 1981.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Except for the blue smoke it looks like you have a wonderful ride coming your way. There is no color left on the trees here at my house. I have to say that pecans are my favorite with walnuts coming in as a close 2nd. I pretty much like all kinds, but those are the best . Have a safe trip and enjoy all those nuts !