Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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    The first black biker's club, circa 1960, Oakland,  California, "East Bay Dragons"

I visited FB the other day to wish someone a Happy Birthday.  Something usually catches my eye and I will scroll down and find myself wanting to comment.  Sometimes ‘very contrary’ to what someone has posted expressing an extreme view. I restrain myself and go on by.

I have decided if I were on face book I just might say the wrong thing and upset someone who has an opinion opposite from mine. I don’t need that and neither do they. 

Social media is important and fun, if treated right. Users should respect friends and neighbors. I think I spend way too much time writing my blog daily, I know I would spend way too much time on facebook.

I love it when I read something like Paula put on FB about beauty being skin deep, I cracked up.

When we were in Alaska, I told Sherry I would never make it, living up here in the summer, I would work myself to death with 24 hours of daylight. I had to make myself go to bed.

I would probably be like that on FB, always saying, “I am going to stay one more hour and quit.” Then I would repeat it for several hours.  LOL 

 I miss the blogger friends who have moved to FB. Sherry keeps me up to date, especially when someone is sick. Right now we both are concerned about our friend Ora. She is a sweetie.

FB can be a great thing. But not for airing family and friends problems.  I have learned not to say never, but at present I cannot see dropping my blog and blogging friends.

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PS: Friend Buddy sent me some good advice and a little     sarcasm……  A closed mouth gathers no foot.

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Mevely317 said...

Glad to hear it, Jack!
Yes, FB is addictive; I spend far too much time there. And hopefully, after last Fall's election I'm learning to keep my big mouth shut. Figure it'll be a cold day you-know-where if my remarks change anyone's mind! Yes, respect is key.

PS - You want to talk addictive? I had to stop going over to Pinterest before Tom called for an intervention.

Lisa said...

Im on facebook too much. I always say Im gonna give it up. Im not as strong as you and I will end up commenting my opion way to often. I use Twitter too. Thats where I catch up on most of the news stories. I follow news anchors and they are the first to post news. I enjoy blogging better than any other social media though I do not believe any of my other friends or family follow my blog. Its ok though. Its leasure to me. I also love all my blogger friends.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope Ora is okay.
I am on Facebook but I only put funny things on it - that I have copied from someone else - I don;t really have family on it. Yes you do have to be careful what you write - it never goes away. Literally.

Paula said...

I sure miss so many of those blogger friends. AOL Journals was a whole other world and such a disappointment when they sent us packing.I just prayed for Ora, such a sweet lady.


saying a prayer for your dear sweet friend ora.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm not a fan of FB and will blog as long as it is offered. I do miss those that moved to FB but that is not enough incentive for me to quit. Will definitely pray for Ora. She was one I followed for quite awhile.

Rick Watson said...

You're preaching to the choir on Facebook. I've cut my time down on there dramatically since the first of the year and I don't miss it.
I don't comment on controversial threads. I won't change their minds and they won't change mine.

Glenda said...

I do love to see what's going on with faraway friends and family when they're posting on Fb. Have recently cut way back on my posts except for birthdays and special events. Too much ugly IMO.

Sheila Y said...

I plan to start back blogging when things settle down a bit and I get to Florida. Mom probably will too after awhile.
I spent most of this past year getting behind and catching up with my blogger friends. But I do go back and read them all.
Love from NC, Sheila