Monday, January 1, 2018

Go ahead, write a book!

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Today, Happy New Year!
Honestly anyone familiar with a computer can publish, it is no mystery. I use is one of the many ‘self-publishers’ available.  They have pay programs, but I opt for the free end. Publishing and printing costs me nothing, zilch. You pay a reasonable price for the finished product, but if you never buy a book yourself, it will still be available on Amazon. With the free end, I make the cover (no problem with their cover creator), they print exactly what I send, no editing/proofing. When photos of poor quality are submitted, they will warn me, but I say print anyway.

They will supply a proof to read free online. But I order a printed proof for around $12 inc. shipping.  I prefer a book.  For the last few books I have professional friends who proof for fun as friends, but we do take them out to dinner when we have a chance. Sometimes they get a little compensation, but nothing compared to the value they give me.
It is honestly not a mystery. I do get frustrated at times, but keep on until I get the book published. The main thing is ‘never give up.’

Seeing ‘My Book Sticky’ in print was akin to my first bicycle at Christmas.

In publishing the first ‘mountain’ faced is the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). That is the number and bar code on the back cover of every book. All books published ‘require’ the unique ISBN. Pricing the ISBN, through ‘BOWKER’ I learned that buying an ISBN, one costs $50 or ten would be $200. Since I was going to be a big writer I bought 10.
 Here is the little trick about that number.  If you  buy the ISBN, YOU are the publisher. At any time you can take your book to any printer or publisher who will accept it, and have it printed.

My thoughts now. If I write a successful book and thousands/millions are sold, Amazon pays pretty good, maybe as well as some big guys.. Since writing over ten books and none have been block busters I will let CS give me an ISBN.  They do not own the book, just the right to publish it. So if your book becomes a Harry Potter (type seller) they will be the publisher.

I KNOW I am not a writer of Clancy or Lamoure quality, I just enjoy writing. So on the last two books I have accepted their generosity of giving me an ISBN. For me it is a very good deal and less hassle.

To summarize, there is NO upfront money with Createspace. They will print a manuscript submitted in a pdf format. You pay nothing. You can get as many proofs as you require until you feel comfortable with the results. If you never do a thing after approving your proof, Amazon will carry it for sale. . You must furnish a routing # so your royalties can be deposited as they accumulate. Of course NO ROYALTIES are paid on books you buy at wholesale.

If YOU USE Createspace, you can buy your books at wholesale. But others will pay full price when they order. If you have more questions, feel free to ask them in comments.

That is it for publishing. Bottom line a few people make a living self-publishing, most DO NOT. Also a few people make a living thru major publishers, most DO NOT.

Writers are like musicians. MANY musicians of ‘head-liner’ quality live and die at low-rent gigs or in churches. They are just not heard by ‘THAT PERSON’ who has contacts.

Please forgive the long post……Happy New Year!
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Chatty Crone said...

Thank you dear friend. I am copying this!

Mevely317 said...

I'm can't begin to imagine the heady feeling, seeing and feeling "Sticky" in print. Rather like giving birth to your first child?

I remember hearing Tony Robbins began his career self-publishing; and I wonder if Sean Dietrich doesn't do the same?

Keep on writing and I'll keep reading!


appreciate all the information.

Lisa said...

Well you just put that in a nut shell. This is some great information for anyone thinking of wrting their own book.
You continue to amaze me. You have so much talent. Happy New Year!

Dar said...

And yes, that you are, talented!!! Thanks for all the useful information. I wonder now, if I'll ever use it.........maybe after this gardening need gives me rest. Bill and I are both bitten. Today, the big boy is smoking the lake trout he caught on his birthday in Sept. He's a happy camper.
love n' hugs from up north. Yes, it's still below zero by quite a bit

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are a fount of information for sure. Hope you both had a Happy New Year's day and now on with the new year...I'm looking forward to what you might tell us next. It's alway a joy to read to your entries whether about travel or writing.

Glenda said...

You've got that info nailed! And I totally agree that musicians and authors are among those who for lack of being in the right place or time, for whatever reason do not enjoy fame and fortune.