Thursday, March 15, 2018

Break time

Historical Photo:
 Navajo Indian weaving a blanket!


Unless something spectacular comes up, the Shipslog will be off the line for a few days.  The first break I can remember in years. Other than we were backpacking and away from cell signals.  We are at our little house in Deltona. 

I am doing a few tasks I have put off, looking at removing a bath tub and fixing a gate and doing a few other small jobs. Actually I will be planning not doing, maybe. We will leave in a few weeks and most likely we won’t be back for a few months.  Others will use the house, off and on but we will be attending to duties in North Carolina. Sherry did actually fix her famous fish stew out in our house and we ate supper out there. As always it was delicious.

See you in a few days. Imma miss you!  I will read when I can. This system is slower than “Cream rising on butter milk.” As mama would say!

Nite Shipslog
 My favorite USA car is the 1955 Chevy but my dream boy's sports car is the 1953 MG

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Rain said...

Enjoy your break! It's nice to be away from the internet sometimes! Hmmm, I need to make some fish stew! :)

Chatty Crone said...

Imma miss you! Have a nice couple days without us.

Woody said...

Will miss reading your entries, helps break up these long winter nights ! You 2 enjoy yourselves ! Take Care, Gary

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You will be missed for sure ! I did wonder when I didn't see a comment from you yesterday! Don't work too hard. Hope everything goes as planned. Will look forward to hear from you soon.

Dar said...

You take all the time you need and deserve from cyberworld. I've thought of doing the same but so far, just 'a thought.' lol Do like me and don't overdo it, my friends.
Til we hear from you again, love n' hugs from up north where we will be outside enjoying finer weather for a change.


enjoy your break. you deserve one. weather sounds nice in deltona.

Lisa said...

Enjoy your break! Im currently at the beach and just now gettng a little wifi signal to comment here. Cant wait to hear many new stories from your break!

Keep on keeping on.

Paula said...

Glad I was able to get back in so I know where you went. lol Enjoy your time off.

Woody said...

Our Neighbor, Elda just came back from Deltona Florida, She sold her place (Bungalow) down there to first person who made her an offer, I didn't know she even had a place down there !!! Said that was her last trip to Florida. Hope your enjoying your "Time Out" !

Rick Watson said...

Enjoy your VaCay Jack.