Friday, August 3, 2018

Dem Sheet, dem sheets, dem clean sheets

Historical Photo:
 Friend Bonnie, down East, was the only person I knew that still hung out her laundry, until she passed away.

I have mentioned before I really do enjoy cleaning.  Of course more when I want to, rather than when I must do it. But usually when I get wrapped up in it, I still enjoy it.
I NORMALLY FORGET NOTHING (snide is supposed to show there!)      Now, my memory proves to be fallible here in the motor home. I can blame it on Sherry.  As a friend is prone to say, “I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I am blaming you.” Since I am the lazy one and as the norm, I get up last. So I make our bed.  The day before she is scheduled to wash the sheets, she ALWAYS tells me, ‘don’t make the bed in the morning I am going to wash the sheets.’
At least half the time I make the bed anyway out of habit. Sometimes she will tear it down, and then sometimes she will wait until the next day with the WARNING, ‘Now don’t make the bed in the morning………… I am usually good the second day.’
We sleep in a sleep-sack. The sheet(s) are really the SHEET one that makes two, really long. And both hems are wide, HA!  It is held in place by Velcro down each side, top and bottom. Presently we are using the washer up in the house, but our little washer will wash the SHEET and two pillow cases, but that is about its limit.

Probably if Sheet washing was left up the male portion of citizenry we would probably change the oil rather than wash them.  Or maybe we would buy new sheets monthly (or yearly).  It is good we men have someone to protect us from ourselves. 
I do have silly questions I guess. I know the ‘bedsheet’ has two hems. A big one at the top the small at the bottom. My questions is, “WHO CARES” it is a rectangle of cloth, why does it need a top and bottom. My handkerchief has even hems.  OK, I really don’t want to get chewed out here, but why does the sheet have a top end and bottom?  Does it have an up and down?

I better quit while I am behind.
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PS: No we do not hang our wash out anymore. 

 Hey, lets take a ride in a 1954 Merc!


betty said...

That is a good question. I'm not sure why there is a bigger hem at the top of the sheets, but I always look for it when I'm making the bed. I'm lazy here so I change the sheets every 2 weeks but that morning when we get up, I do tell hubby "don't bother with the bed because I'm doing the sheets." Otherwise we're up at the same time except sometimes on the weekends so we sort of make the bed together. Because it is so hot here for so many months, all the bed requires is sheets on it so in a flick of an eye its made, LOL. Son is really fussy about his sheets on the bed. They get changed several times a week, LOL :)



i agree that is something to ponder. i just always look for the bigger part to go on top.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's one of those questions that we'll never know the answer too, But I don't ever remember a sheet that didn't have a larger hem at the top than it did at the bottom. Your sleep sack sounds interesting. Never have seen one like that before. But I suppose it has it's advantages in a motor home. I do love the smell of freshly dried sheets on the line outdoors. They smell like like sunshine and fresh air. It's been many years since I had a clothes line and I miss it.

Dar said...

How I loved all the photos of sheets flipping in the wind. I have a portable pull-out clothes line that I love just for that purpose. It's right on my deck so easy-peasy. Nothing is finer than crawling into sheets and cases with the smell of sunshine and the wind. Mom still hangs out laundry too...a creature of habit. When we were kids, she'd scold us if caught running through the sheets dragging our fingers across the freshness. Thanks for such fond memories. Too bad sheets on the line is pretty much a thing of the past, as well as the clothesline. As to why sheets have a top n' bottom, good question but I do look for it to fix the bed each morning. hmmmm~~~
loven'hugs from where the 50th reunion was a blast. So good always to see old friends.........

Mevely317 said...

Now I'm all nostalgic for the aroma of 'fresh-dried' sheets!

Whoa, but the sleep sack you speak of would cause WAR in our house. (LOL) Tom settles right down and rarely moves, but I'm forever kicking off the covers …. then pulling them back up 10 minutes later.

P.S. - Because the top hem sticking is coming loose -- and I'm too scotch to go buying another sheet set -- I've just reversed ends. So far, neither Tom or the dogs have complained!

Chatty Crone said...

Well my fitted sheets do have a top and bottom. And my sheet has a right way up and down. I don't know why - well maybe because there is embroidery on it or something. You think of the funniest things. sandie

Paula said...

Hope you find the answer to this important question.