Sunday, August 12, 2018

That feral cat, NOW Dem feral cats!

Historical Photo:
My mama could not refuse to feed stray animals. Therefore she fed the feral cats that stood by her door. Before she was incapacitated she had 9 that hung around for food. I was younger then, and after many complaints of neighbors, the cat’s endings were not nice. But the calls stopped.
Shirl also could not refuse to feed the feral cats here. Although she said ‘I hate those cats’, she still fed them. Now it is me. I cannot refuse food to those pleading green eyes, and I have started talking in meows,,,,

When it looked like she was pregnant I suggested strongly that she move to Texas.  I told her Paula has a very nice shed to give birth under.  But she just ignored me. Probably skeered of them road runners down Texas way!

Now I have not only the black mama but two cute black kittens that I did not know of, but I surprised them the other day up on the back porch. They ran & hid. 

As I type one is eating the food I put out and the other is lounging with mama. I have finally been able to pet the mama a little bit. One of the kitties will stay with mama when I am around, but the other scampers under the motor home.

The neighbors all feed them plus they find some food on their own. I did not know they liked butterflies that much, but they do.

I figured this was a better subject than death and cremation.
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Woody said...

We have a local hardware store, ABUCHON, and they have a large Black cat that has free run of the store, the cat goes everywhere in the store, is petted by almost all customers, loves to get on shelves just about level with your head and he will reach out to swat you when you walk by !!!! We have very few Feral Cats here as we put out some type of bait that attracts them and after they eat it they say they become sterile, don't know if its true or not !
Oh Well, You have a Big Heart !!!!! take care, Gary

betty said...

There was a program when we lived in San Diego area and one here that will capture the feral cats, sterilize them and then release them back where they captured them. Saves on repeat litters so to speak. We Hubby's parents used to feed the feral cats but we never did (mainly because we still had the dog at the time). I do like that they will keep the rodent population under control.


Lisa said...

I love little kittens! Cats, no so much. But I would not mind haveing a cat around the house but Nick says NO.
If you keep feeding them, they keep multiplying. Its hard to give a cat away especially the wild ones. But the good thing about them, they will keep your snakes away.

Off to work, again!

Chatty Crone said...

You are going to grow a family there.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Once you feed a cat they are your friend forever. One of my old neighbors had about 10 that she fed and after they moved, the cats moved across the street where a lady fed them. It's sad that there are so many as people get them and then move and don't take them with them. I used to have cats and love them, but they were indoor cats. I've seen a few cats in my new neighborhood, but I'm pretty sure they belong to one or two of my neighbors and are not ferrel.

Mevely317 said...

Feral or not, I've never been owned by a cat. They're adorable, yes … and I hope there's a special sort of H*** for those who abuse or abandon their fur babies. Love your tender heart!

PS - Are you certain the 'Ship' doesn't need a mouser of its own?


i love kitty cats. it's nice you're keeping the ones near you fed.

salemslot9 said...

our neighbors are dragons
so this year we became caregivers
not owners
and joined the TNR program
Trap Neuter Release
3 of our girls are fixed
plus a big boy who used to visit

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree with their comments and My auntie's house it looks like a cats shelter already. she has estimated 15-30 cats and 3-5 cats died and got a pet hospice care per month. She featured already in a pets magazine.