Monday, August 13, 2018

Timing, the good and bad

Historical Photo:
Paving Main street with brick, in Montpelier, Ohio

Did you ever play a musical instrument? Timing is most important. I remember when a piano teacher would have one of ‘em doowhatchits sitting on the piano that kept time to assist the learner with ‘rhythm’. Sweet Jackie down in South Georgia knows exactly what I am talking about.

But in my everyday life I run into bad timing. Nothing to cry or call home about, just simple stuff. I am often stopped by a traffic light with NO ONE COMING. Once I stopped at a light here in Belmont and made a left on red. My wife insisted I had broken the law! ;-) .

No one was a round, I thought that might be like a tree falling in the forest and no one hears is, did it make a noise. Ha!
Anyway probably every-other time I park in a large parking lot and return with a buggy full to load into the car, the guy just returned to the car beside me a minute ahead of me, so I wait until he unloads. I mean come on, there are a thousand parking places here, and he could have picked another. LOL

All the above is silly, none of those actually bother me and none delayed me over 60 seconds. But picture this. Mr. Baxter the roofer, says he will get to us as soon as he can but he is way behind. We volunteer the house for the Haitian group for two nights, Sunday and Monday nights, weeks ago.
                                 (Note the huge trailer!)
We drove out Sunday morning headed for church, and lo and behold there is a huge trailer loaded with shingles parked blocking the garage and the house entryway. Hey, the Haitians are also bringing a big bus into this drive way.

Not even a note or call from Mr. Baxter. Sherry received a call during church, they left a message. Mr. Baxter was telling us the roofers would start in the morning.

Our house was assigned to 4 adults, we did not get kids. They were very gracious and worked around the roofers tearing off shingles and nailing new roofing. Of course they didn’t get finished today (7am-7pm), so they will be nailing again during the time the folks are packing to leave.

 As you see the ladder on the right for the men. The ladder on the left takes the shingles up (A laddervator). I called then sissies, we carried them up!  LOL

Actually I am not upset, just taken aback by the timing. We wanted/needed the roof done, I apologized to our guests but they insisted it was absolutely no problem, ‘We live in a bus most of the time in the USA with 28-30 kids, the nailing is nothing, sort of a break.’ The leader said laughing.
Nite Shipslog
 Nash, a two ton truck in 1919


Lisa said...

I am usually a patient driver. I dont mind the slow car in front of me or waiting at a light. Nick on the other hand, gets anxious. What I don't like is a moped in my lane! Now thats gets under my skin.

Until tomorrow

betty said...

Putting a new roof on is very noisy. Your guests were very polite, but maybe it was less noisy than a bus with 28-30 kids on it. That's a big project to get done on the roof. We had a roof put on at our rental house. Same company that did ours about 2 years ago but this time their work was slipshod (won't be using them again or recommending them). When their inspector came out to see if the roof was okay before they sent us the final bill, he didn't like the looks of some parts of it so scheduled a crew to come back and fix it. In the meanwhile we had one of our monsoons and a lot of new shingles just put on had blown off LOL. They did come to fix that but not the slipshod work, but will soon but we've had a lot of monsoons lately so roofers are way behind on repairs. Good business for them I guess.

Yep, timing is everything. Its good to get to a parking lot and get a close parking place, but have been where we seem miles away from the front door of the store :)


Mevely317 said...

Yep, Sherry ... Had Tom turned left on red I'd have been aghast, too. (Sorry, Jack!)

Oh man, I recall those annoying metronomes(?) that sat atop my teacher's piano. Then my parents had the nerve to buy one of their own. Aargh!

Your house guests sound very gracious. I think most people are understanding when things are out of one's control. Our pastor was recently citing a favorite book her mother gave them when the children were small: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm one who believes timing is everything and all works together for a purpose. It looks like you need that roof and those people needed a break away from their bus for awhile too. Sound like a win win situation to me.

Woody said...

I saw your post on roofing, I hated to have to carry Shingles, but they needed to go up, so I could never muster up being able to carry a full bundle but did manage a half as I got older. On the Farm we used rolled roofing, half lap ! Glad I decided not to become roofer !!!! Hope they get your roof done to your satisfaction !!!! Take Care, Gary


timing is everything. roofers are noisy thats for sure. i'm glad your guests weren't bothered by them being there.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness when it rains - it pours. No pun intended.