Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Old people and Love songs

Historical Photo:
 Robin Williams once joined the Bronco Cheer leaders as a spoof.

We, Sherry & I are at the age that our friends are spending more time at the Doctor’s office than walking or shooting the breeze with old classmates. Some friends on canes and using walkers. One of Shirl’s comments when it seemed that youngsters did not understand old folks slow walk or unsure driving was: “I want you to know I wasn’t born this old.”
I would have to remind her back when we were teens and young men and women we did not understand the aged no more than they do today. Age is something you must experience to understand it (then it ain’t guaranteed! LOL)

I read this on ‘The Packardman’s blog’ today:

100 years ago only the rich had cars and the poor had horses.
Now everyone has a car and only the rich have horses.
WOW, how the stables have turned.
We have a new pastor. We took him and his wife out to dinner tonight. We had a good time. (I was just brown-nosing for a better seat on the next bus out!)
Not really, he is a great kid, not 60 yet! His wife is very pretty and sweet.  We are proud to have them aboard. He was our associate pastor for a few years, so we knew him. I had been promising him a meal at the best steak house in this area, “The Woodshed” up in Stanley,NC. I finally followed thru.
I just wanted you to know we are not too old to double date. Since Sherry reached the 80 mark she is a little frisky but She was good and kept her hands to herself on the date, with the pastor along.
Tonight as we do many times we cuddled a little and I started one of the old love songs and she joined in. 

Oh, my heart skips a beat when we walk down the street
I feel a trembling in my knees
And just to know you're mine until the end of time
Makes my heart skip a beat

Well, I did a double take the day I met you
My heart turned a flip as I stood next to you
And I knew right there I never could forget you
For you are my every dream come true.

Funny that, I wonder if there are love songs now that kids will remember when they are old.  Old Buck Owens sang that, he wasn’t my favorite singer, but I loved the words because that is how I felt as a 16 year old when I dated Sherry!

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 1942 Hudson woody.


Lisa said...

I think the old love songs are the best. The ones today do not seem as meaningful. Todays new love songs seem to say more of love em then leave em.
I’m glad that frisky wife of yours behaved around the pastor. I bet its hard to take her anywhere. Haha.
You two kids are adorable. Love to hear the happy love shared.

Off to work again

Dar said...

Old people and love there's a new love song in there somewhere. You two are the best, even in the presence of your new
Shirl's comment is so true. I've heard Mama say it as well. Working at the cabin this past week has reminded me that age is creeping up but rest seems to take care of the little aches and pains gradually. Like you say, 'age' is something you must 'experience' to understand. So true also. We try to stay young by showing we can still work a full day and then some but boy, it's ain't always easy. Many wonderful, slow walks holding hands to you two loveys.
It's sweet to see.
loven'hugs from up north where we'll be getting wet. Maybe it'll cool off!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree about old people are the only ones who really understand old people. My oldest son once said to me all old people look the same to me -- old. What young people don't understand is that they will too be old some day. We will never be younger than we are today, time does keep moving on.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I love, love, love the comment - " want you to know I wasn’t born this old.” That is SO true!

Well I think what you and Sherry have is something most people do not have- I am glad you appreciate it.


Mevely317 said...

Dang! I went and left a long ole comment, then the storm blew out our internet connection … and with it my prose. LOL!

Anyway! I totally agree that your title would make a wonderful love song! You write the lyrics and ask someone, say Sir Paul McCartney to compose the notes? :)

Perspective is sometimes a bitter pill, no? How often I've made a careless remark or acted impatient. Even believed my eyes were invincible … now here I sit with reading glasses atop my contact lens!

PS - That was a funny comment about turning the STABLES. Regretfully, so true!

betty said...

How sweet to listen to the old songs and to cuddle! Seemed like an enjoyable dinner out too!



how nice to sing a love song to each other. so true about horses and cars.