Thursday, August 23, 2018


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Now there is one again.....

The life of the Feral cat is freedom. They wander, fend for themselves and beg a lot. But they are self-preserving, seldom will you touch one. They shy away at the slightest movement. If there is a predator near their eyes will not leave them. I have never been around cats much...

I have learned a lot from Blackie, the little pregnant cat I half adopted. My neighbor Michelle says Blackie is the last of a litter of feral cats. Blackie didn’t seem old enough to be carrying kitties but the more I could see of her teats, I could tell they were filling with milk. The daddy, a stray striped Tom was always in the distance and once food was out and I was apparently gone, he would come over and help himself. Several times I stepped out of the motorhome, knowing he would scamper and allow Blackie to eat her fill, then I would leave and allow Tom to eat. 

When she dropped her litter I did not know until they were about 4” high.  I learned a lot watching the little mother. Before going off she would make sure the ‘puppies’ were well hidden. They would not move until she got back.

I loved to watch the little ones wrestle each other. It was fun to watch them pounce on mama’s tail when she would ‘fan’ it.

She had sort of a throat meow to call them from hiding to eat food I had put out. I watched mama teach them to catch bugs. Blackie (mama) has gotten so she will let me pet her. She loves me to rub her head. But she still shies away when I approach her, she has to decide to ‘let’ me touch her. She is okay as long as she is in control. I picked her up once, she did not like that.

About three days ago I missed seeing the Tom. Then two days ago I did not see the ‘puppies’. Now today mama is looking under the coach and with that deep throat meow, seems to be calling her kitties, but they are not showing up. She looks so sad.

Even my Sherry who has sorta ‘smiled’ at my attachment to the wild ones, feels sad for the young mama..

Blackie seemed to take good care of her brood. I am sure she would have fought tooth and claw IF she had seen a predator. I am writing like they are gone for good, and of course I do think they have met with mischief, but I cannot imagine the end. I hope someone trapped them for the animal folk, but it is so hard to believe since we had never seen them go past 50 feet from the coach. 
But after three days now, the kitties will probably not return. I am sure they were too small to be put out on their own. The cycle of life for the wild ones....

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Lisa said...

Sad to say but do you have hawks?
Sometimes they will abandon them while weening them too. ALso often kids, yard maintenance or passerbys will see a nest of kittens and take them in. Either way, I hope they are ok. If they are around that momma will find them. Check holes and drains.
Keep mom around for another 8 weeks and she will be pregnant with another batch.

Sleepy in Gtown

betty said...

Oh I'm sad for the kitties and for Blackie. Maybe you are right and someone from animal control came and got them. One can only hope, right?



sad to hear about the kittens. poor blackie.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh no that was sad Jack!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life in the wild is a mystery. I feel sorry for those that have to fend for themselves . I'm sure they must have made your life happier if only for a little while.

Mevely317 said...

Angels unaware. I'm sorry your heart is aching.

Dar said...

She too will forget once another batch are on their way....maybe so that animal control has picked them all up thinking the Tom was mama. It's a mystery. It's also possible that the kittens followed Tom and will return when he does. We had a feral Tom once that would leave for weeks on end, coming back all beat up from fighting another Tom. Keeping my fingers crossed for your furry friends safe return.
loven'hugs from up the 60's, comfortable but a wet day all day