Friday, August 31, 2018

Life Changes

Historical Photo:
 Tuscon Meyer street 1908

Okay tonight!
No numbers! Just remember, I did apologize for the numbers in the last line!.  LOL

Have you ever been ‘out done’ or ‘done in’ by auto correct? I am  thinking of a couple times I did not pay attention and  my computer helped me out(ouch). I got a smile from Myra awhile back when auto correct changed ‘morn’ to ‘moron’.

Science changes are wonderful and also confusing to us old folk. Invariably someone will hand me a phone and say, “I love this picture.”  When I take it I touch the wrong thing and the screen is blank, or not a picture.

I have (like you), some brilliant grand kids Well mine are grand men and women now. But Josh who is our resident Geek, ‘Microsoft qualified’ and brilliant. He knows I was a repairman on some of the first computers. He sent me a link to an article on ‘Data Bases’.

As I read it I smiled at the advances of the day. I have said it here that I was a repairman on one of the first digital computers. That is nothing special, there were thousands of us repairmen. The computer used vacuum tubes (over 20,000). The computer took up 1200 sqft (the size of a small 3BR home). It took an Air conditioner the same size to cool the vacuum tubes.

I said the above to say, that computer could not do 1/100th of what the smallest smart phone will do today. I was telling a friend the other day, Ships must be much lighter today because those computers are replaced by a laptop. Power requirements must be 'nil', as we required tremendous amps/watts.

It is sorta embarrassing, my job in the USAF and in the USN no longer exists. I am a dinosaur. The other chiefs in the USN know that, but my grand kids don’t. They seem to think I am smart (I think)  LOL.

I left computers and started building (after a stint of running a roach coach). Now I see that job (building) has passed me up. I watched our roofers do a job in two days that 20 years ago would have taken 4-5 days.

Now I ask you, has the job you spent your life doing changed?

Nite Shipslog
 Lord help me, I remember service stations line this.  And cars like this:
I was 10 years old when this Merc came out!


betty said...

My job has changed so much from when I first started it over 40 years ago. We were very much valued for our expertise and in great demand. Now we too out dinosaurs, replaced by technology. I just hope I can finish out my career without being eliminated. Young ones need to carefully choose what they are going to be doing for their careers and be prepared to adjust to changes.

Autocorrect gets me a lot too. Some of them indeed can be funny.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A good part of my life was that of being a mom and I don't think that changes much, but the working part of my life outside the home was as a secretary and office manager. That changed greatly over the years. I started in the days where there were no computers at all although we did have electric typewriters, then we had word processors, then I had to learn to use a computer. That was and is on ongoing thing, as programs are always changing and up dating. The computers should have made my work easier, instead they made way for me to do more than ever before. What should have taken 3 people to do, it now takes only one.

Live is always changing and September is the month of change. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Lisa said...

Oh yes. Where I work, we used to have 5 ladies in the office doing what I now do by myself. BUT, I dont do it all by myself, the smart phones and computers took their place and now help me. I remember when a customer would call to make an appointment, one person took the info on a little card and another would type it in a dinosaur computer then print an invoice on an Okidata printer (slow printer). Then another person would have to call and confirm the apointments each day and file the invoice in a file cabinate. Now its all just typed in the computer and it does everything else. The computer now does all the confirmations, and emails the reciepts and files the customers away. I can pull up a customers history in 3 seconds now. Shoot, now you dont even have to call to make appointments anywhere, just go to the website and place an order yourself.

I still sweep and vacuum by hand.

Dar said...

Waitressing was one of my first jobs beyond babysitting as a kid. Babies still need the same care basically unchanged. Diaper duty has eased with disposables, easier on mom but not as soft as cloth. Waiting tables hasn't changed much other than the way orders are processed to the kitchen, via computers. I also managed a small business in sales, now everything is delivered directly to the customer., less work for the manager of order, package, deliver. As a respiratory therapist, things Really changed, all the technology available thru the medical field., things change daily! My most heartwarming job is as a parent/grandparent. Sure, things have changed but teaching respect, love and honor are most rewarding when we see our young do the same with their families. Yes, that was the best job still. Hanging in there with God and our children has been a true blessing.
love n' hugs from our north full of gloomy wet weather.......needed!!!!
Have a great weekend

Chatty Crone said...

My jobs are obsolete from years ago - but you know I think parenting has changed too. I think you have to be smarter and sharper! And I have been fired from my job - Andy has taken over - HE KNOWS EVERYTHING.

Seriously I tell him robots will be taken over - he thinks that is great - but where will you work - what will you do?

You go to the bank here - you don't get a live teller anymore and the groceries - you have to do by yourself.

The worlds keeps going - you know what happened to the dinosaurs don't you? lol


Mevely317 said...

Okay, you're forgiven for the numbers.... ha! I love this post - and love reading everyone's comments.
I guess I'm a dinosaur, too. Aren't secretaries becoming obsolete? I was never ashamed of my role; in fact, I preferred being in a support position … and not having to bring my job home with me 24/7. In my last role, management prided themselves on being pretty self-sufficient. There was no "come take a letter (dictation)" or "type this."

Change is never easy, particularly when the rules keep changing.


times they are a changing things, for sure.