Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The rock wall

Historical Photo:
 Historic Akron, Ohio

Now here and now:
 My dad had a short statement that I have always remembered. “Don’t tell me rocks do not grow, Every spring we cleared plowed fields and every year we added to the rock walls around the fields. We finally had rock walls around all our plowed fields."

For some reason I have always wanted a rock wall. Nothing rare or fantastic, just a rock wall. Hiking in farming areas we saw many rock walls. In dense woods we saw them where once was farms. When seeing them I thought of dad.
I admire the rock walls and the effort used to create them.
SOOOO…. I have been clearing a path around our property here. I bought a piece of property from a developer who wanted to put apartments here. Like many builders (myself included) he had bet on the neighborhood not objecting. BUT they did in his case, so the land was forsale..Over 20 years ago!
A ‘realtor friend’ called  about this property. He used the same line he always used, ‘Jack I want to give you the first shot at a prime piece of property.’ Every time he had already offered the property to other builders and friends. Anyway I did buy it because the price was fair. I built 5 homes, we kept the duplex
 for us and sister Kat.

This duplex sets on an acre. I have never actually cleared the west boundary. Saturday last week, I was clearing a path on the property line. I notice a huge bulge covered with Ivy. 

I assumed a huge tree had fallen and had been covered with ivy, since there are several old logs like that. It was along the property line and I noticed rock instead of wood under the ivy, Millions of ivy vines, 30-40 yrs of growth. 

The more vines I pulled, the more rock and concrete hunks I saw.  I have now uncovered about 30 feet of a two foot rock wall. I love it.

After clearing it I had to show Sherry. We walked out into the woods. She liked it. I then had to take son-Mark and G-granddaughter Stella to see it. They were not really impressed. (LOL)

I can’t believe it. Not impressed? Hey this is MY rock wall. I always wanted one.  Ha! I really did!  Yeah I know it ain’t 500 feet long and 4 feet high, but it is mine (or actually mine and Sherry’s)

Anyway I like it. And besides I had two hours of good exercise pulling one million, 2 hundred and 96 thousand vines! (or close)
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Lisa said...

We have a large dogowod tree in our back yard that has a rock wall around it just like the one you have pictured. It is totally covered with ivy. You can not even see it anymore. The Ivy is so thick. You have just made me want to clean it up but last time I messed with the Ivy, I must have grabbed some bad ivy and developed a rash. There is poison ivy mixed in the ivy thats on the wall and ground. Hope you didnt get a hold of any poison stuff.



had to chuckle over stella not being impressed. but i am. congrats on the rock wall. i think it's pretty darn exciting in the big scheme of things.

betty said...

What a great find!! I like the looks of it too! Worth the hard work you did to find it!


Chatty Crone said...

Youngins don't get as impressed as we do. So did someone make it or did it form that way?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Isn't it great to be surprised! It was there all along and you didn't know it. Makes all the work worthwhile for sure!

Mevely317 said...

I think rock walls are very olde world (er, European) looking. Sweet.

Now, where's Rick with his photographer's 'eye'? In just the right early morning gauzy light, wouldn't that make a stunning picture?

NanaDiana said...

Hi Jack!
I just followed a link from Lisa's blog (Office Chair). Isn't she a doll? Anyway, I am interested in the fact that you and your wife are traveling around. We are talking about doing that, too--trying to decide whether to do a motor home and pull a vehicle or use the vehicle to pull a travel trailer. We have some time as we won't retire for a couple of years. I already retired once and went back after 6 years. I am working with my son and gave him a 2 year commitment...so...

We just sold our house and looking at also building some duplexes with our son--just kind of funny to find you here with a similar story.

Love rock walls,too, and had many of them on the farm where I grew up in PA. Irish community. I carry rocks with me from house to house...lol...one of my neighbors asked me if I happened to be Irish. I said, "Yes! Why?" He said- "The Irish love their rocks!"...lol

Have a wonderful Thursday. I am your newest follower and will put you on my sidebar because I read from there. Diana