Sunday, August 19, 2018

Silly work

Historical Picture:
                 Wick Park, Youngstown Ohio

I started a project, just for the fun of it and some exercise (and maybe a little therapy). We bought this property a long time ago. I met the neighbor Joe Bishop. A great guy and even older than I. We talked every once in a while. He had some overgrown lots bordering me. Every once in a while I would ask if he was ready to sell?

“Not yet Jack, it’s not ripe yet.”  Then he would smile. Joe was a very quiet guy. The land is still over grown and Joe left the building before it got ripe. Now, Daphne, his wife has followed him and their car sits under a great oak gathering leaves, mold, small limbs and your everyday dirt. I have never met their children, and I do not see any action at their house. It has been months and the place looks sad and unkempt.

I thought about Joe a lot as I busy myself clearing a walking trail around our acre. The rock wall is on that border between us and Joe. He could've probably filled me in on the wall history.  Dementia visited Joe and stayed.  You ponder a lot when you are just cutting and pulling vines. 

At this time in life, after losing Shirley, I start pondering about my end. I forget a lot and I ask myself, as I ponder, will my end be dementia?  

Yeah I know! I will be sweet and bright until the end, thanks!  LOL BUT in all honesty I know none of us know the end. I also know we all forget and also lose stuff, always have. It just seems to be more of it with age.

 Son Mark thinks I am losing it, adopting these cats. He knows I am a dog type of guy.  But since Blackie didn’t go to Paula’s to drop these ‘puppies’ (that is what I call them), Imma feed them. Blackie will let me pet her now.
 Forgive me, I am not down in the dumps, I am just pondering.

I finished this post earlier. So this is an update on my ‘condition.’ Sherry sent me to the store with a small list. I was proud of myself, without her with me I finished the list. I loaded everything on the conveyor belt. The cashier scanned two items when I said, ”Stop, can you back those out?” I realized I did not have my wallet. I reloaded the buggy and it was held in customer service.

A new girl was working when I returned. I said, “I am here to pay for dad’s groceries, he has dementia and forgot his wallet.” She smiled and rolled out my buggy.

I continued, “You have to watch these old people, no telling what they will do.” She probably didn’t need to hear that, she knew it. LOL
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1940 Dodge


Mevely317 said...

Very understandable, your feelings, Jack. Struggling to recall a word, more often than not, I wonder if I'm not inheriting my mom's dementia.
Then, no. These things happen to all of us … but those of us affected (I think) tend to be hyper aware. That was a cute comeback to the gal at customer service.

So glad Blackie and her 'pups' are being taken care of!

Lisa said...

Oh Jack, your not loosing it. I been loosing my mind since I was a teenager. Well, Thats proablably where I actually left my mind but still, We all forget. I think you will be fine. I think some people stop reading and stop being active which leads to less thinking. But thats just my thought and not sure what Im thinking half the time. Ha.
Those cats are precious but will start multiplying. I know Id do the same thing though if I had a few come to my door. Its how we are wired.
Your grocery store delima made me laugh.
Your just a mess.

From the West side

Chatty Crone said...

We are all losing it a little bit - I bet you that everyone would tell you that - but I think when we lose someone so dear to us and it is the last person on earth has gone from the nuclear family - you think a lot more than normal. I know I do. Stress is another factor.
Say what will you do with the kitties when you leave?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are fortunate that you have a place to work and ponder there. Creating a walking path sounds like a great idea. The cat and the babies can be good company too. Take it one day at a time. I've done the same...forgotten my wallet at home and had to park the cart. But I wasn't quick enough to say I came to pay for my dad...Ha! That's a good one!

betty said...

Blackie's "pups" are adorable. Someone has to feed them, so it might as well be you :)

We all forget as we get older. I think I read somewhere (LOL forgetting here) that one has to be concerned if they forgot what something is used for. Like a stove for cooking, etc. I might have mentioned that to you too (forgetting again here). That's why we are good at making lists the older we get :) (as long as we remember where the list is)


Dar said...

Jack, I'd take that memory pill if I could recall what it's called.......don't worry about forgetting, everyone is right....we All do it. I do my thinking in the garden and on the lawn mower. It's all good. I love that you're taking care of the kitties., alias, pups. I've taken in plenty when the kids were little. Now we're on the road too much and instead, enjoy the neighborhood pets that visit and the deer in the field. Love it too, that you're brushing a trail. Nice for all 5 of you. :)
love n' hugs from up north where I'm catching up on was bread and butter sandwich pickles, refrigerator pickles, sun dill pickles, Colorado peaches...phew, another full day. Life is grand!, for real!


it would have been nice to ask joe the origins of that rock wall. i bet he knew. got a chuckle out of your wallet gone missing. been there. done that. you're not alone.