Saturday, August 25, 2018

Just talking, in Swings and walking

Historical Photo:
              Old Union station, Dallas Texas early 1900s
We enjoyed the swing some and then went for our 2 mile walk.  WE just returned, the male part of this team has a sore toe, his back is touchy and a knee made him limp a little. BUT….
Sherry and I have two main things we do to relieve stress and also bond our marriage more. There are other activities that compliment life, but less often enjoyed. WE love swinging. Sherry loves walking while I like to walk.  Of course there was that time she said, “Let’s walk from Georgia to Maine, lots of people do it.” So of course I ‘humored her’ (Knowing YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS) but the girl was serious. So we tried. Most folk know we only walked about 1900 miles. The entire trail is about 2178 miles.

Since the trail isn’t always wide enough to walk side by side we were leading or trailing the other by up to ¼ mile. We were in our own world of thought.  Many days I listened to tapes of Spanish trying to learn, I was not successful.
Many people ask, “Did you lose weight?” I usually say no, but I gained a shoe size, and I did.

Normally we had a fire at night.  That brought back memories of campfires that we loved camping with the boys. We talked about the day’s hike, things we had seen and where we were headed. So, to more things we both like, watching water cascade over rocks and staring into a fire as the flames jump and weave patterns into the sky.
Once a grouse scared the daylights out of Sherry as it screeched and ran just in front of her acting like her wing was broken. Of course our attention followed the little hen. We learned later that is a defensive move to get our attention from her nest that is close by.
My girl got tough mentally. When she was leading, instead of screaming when she saw a snake, she would casually step over it or point it out, and go around.
Just a note, she hated spider webs worse than snakes.
Nite Shipslog
PS: Today we put Nephew Rick on the plane for Saudi after we dropped by to see his mom and dad for the last time before departing. Once back in Saudi, Rick will have traveled 16,000 miles in a week. The furthest we have been from our parents is GITMO. But even then when you left, you were praying it would not be the last time you would ever see them.

 You gotta love the garage door ideas folks have.


Lisa said...

Swinging, talking and walking. So sweet. Me and Nick love walking and talking but Id never get him to walk a trail. I can’t even get him to drive 3 miles up the road to hike the mountain. He a creature of habit and walks the same walk every day. But we do a lot of talking on our walks and I love every minute of it.
I admire you and sherry for the hike yall did .

Paula said...

Nice to be reminded of your posts about your hike. Lost my blog list so haven't been checking in.

betty said...

I had to laugh at your comment that you "only" walked 1900 miles of the trail. That was pretty darn impressive in itself! We haven't taken a walk together in a while, but I do enjoy walking with the hubby. Our schedules are crazy now and the heat prevents it sometimes but I'm sure one day we'll get back to again taking those walks with each other. I do sit and talk with him when he's on the treadmill, so that must account for something, right?



hope your sore toe goes away. your walks are adventuresome to say the least.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to say it again -- you two are my favorite couple. It's wonderful that you can walk and swing together. You have some wonderful memories of those walks, like Appalachian trail for sure. It's become spider season here at my house...I've been walking into a lot of webs out on the car port. I agree with Sherry that it's not a good feeling for sure. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

Rain said...

Hi Jack and Sherry :)) I love hearing about your Appalachian trail days! I freak out if I walk through a spider web lol...they always seem to be either at eye or mouth level! Love that garage door!

Chatty Crone said...

I know you walked 1900 miles - but I never really thought about what that all involved. How interesting and how much strength it gave you. Really wonderful.

Mevely317 said...

You two are so blessed, Really Enjoying each others' company.
I realize Tom's increasing hearing loss must be awful to bear, but he's becoming angry and withdrawn most of the time. Love y'all!

PS- That's so interesting about you gaining a shoe size along the trail. Makes sense, but I never considered that!