Thursday, August 16, 2018

Two preachers retire

Historical Photo:
The Robertson house South Lebanon, Ohio (repeat)

Thoughts today.....

Retirement is an amazing part of life.  Most people look forward to it, dream of it, BUT DO NOT PREPARE FOR IT!

When your job is stressful, retirement seems a DREAM coming true. I remember a seminar I attended just before retirement. The speaker said, “Most of you sitting there are ‘Somebody’, meaning you have authority. Presently when you say, ‘Jump,’ someone does.’ Basically today you are somebody, tomorrow you will be a nobody.  Get ready for it. Be ready to be one of the crowd or reverse your plans and do not retire.”

The man knew something. Two days after retirement I was driving my antique truck. It died on me and I coasted to the side of the road and quickly jumped out (I knew what was wrong). I drug the tool box off the back and was hurriedly looking for the long nose pliers. I just sat back on the ground and started laughing out loud.. The folks driving by must have thought I was crazy.

I said to myself, you have dreamed of this day. You have NOWHERE to be. Nobody is somewhere waiting for you. You do not have to call in and say my truck broke down. Dude, YOU ARE RETIRED!!

 I pulled myself together before I had a pleasant heart attack, fixed the truck and went on my way to nowhere in particular.

My dad was a pastor. A GOOD ONE. He cared about his people and his church building. Even though churches usually had paid janitors, he would help them. He was at the church long before a service to ensure the furnace or A/C was working. Dad looked forward to retirement. BUT he did not plan for it. His LOVE was Pastoring. Four weeks after retirement, dad was miserable.  He finally settled down and was able to fill in at churches awaiting a pastor. He was well known and always had more invitations than he could fill, BUT HE STILL MISSED A PASTORATE.

 With Dick & Kat Boon-docking in Alaska, We loved retirement!

My BIL also retired from the ministry. He knew what he was going to do. He had saved for an RV and bought one. He planned to golf, fish and travel. He soon remembered golf was expensive and fishing was a thrill. Fishing also put fish on the table, so fishing it was.

We traveled together most winters. Many weeks we fished 5 days and always had at least two big fish fries each week. Of course he too had preaching engagements. Even in Alaska. And there we FISHED plenty. The travel was wonderful.

BIL died at a campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway, doing what he loved to do. I have retired a couple times. My advice to anyone retiring, Think it through and PLAN for it. Retirement is Great, but only if you are ready for it.

Nite Shipslog
 Daddy bought a 1951 Buick in 1953. He felt bad because his members were mostly cotton mill workers, some did not have a car. He soon traded for a Rambler and he felt better. That was dad.


betty said...

I think a lot of people don't plan for it and then they find themselves with a lot of time on their hands and end up picking up at least a part time job or volunteering, etc. When my brother semi retired about a year and a half ago, he made it a point to have something else to do because a lot of people that had retired from the post office (where he had worked) didn't have plans to do something and a lot of them ended up dead in 6 months after their retirement (and they were relatively young people). I still have 6 or so years to go until I'll be thinking of retirement, but right now I can't grasp the concept of retirement so I may end up working several years after that :)


Lisa said...

Your dad sound like a wonder generous man. Your a chip of the old block.
My dad is 83, has retired but still goes to work every day selling insurance. Mom has retired but still works every day at her alteration business. (Her place is on New Hope road beside Milanos incase you ever need your britches hems).

Most say “pastor” I always say “preacher”. :)

Happy Friday

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have loved every moment of my retirement. It's been a little over 8 years now and I've never regretted it. I did have to do some planning in that I needed to make sure I didn't have any debt. I no longer buy anything that I don't have the cash for. If I don't have the money then I don't need it. For me the time I have now to spend the way I want to is better than anything money can buy anyway!

Chatty Crone said...

You have so many wonderful memories - I think that is wonderful and I enjoy reading about everything.

Now I can't say I am retired yet - I plan on it this May when Andy graduates.

My husband is retired - and he loves it - because he really doesn't expect anything. He likes to read - watch tv - and fly model planes. Lol - he doesn't care to keep busy I like do.


Mevely317 said...

I was telling my hairdresser just this morning about this post, Jack!
Forget a "God ink." Truly, I believe He's sending me a 'nudge' via your words.

As you're probably aware, my retirement wasn't so much planned as it was an ESCAPE from toxic conditions surrounding my workplace. Nearly 6 months later, I'm still dog-paddling in place. It doesn't escape me, my dad struggled mightily with the thought of retirement … and passed not 4 months later.

Pretty sure I need to polish my (waning) resolve and try to make my own opportunities.