Wednesday, August 1, 2018

That old lazy liver and busy tongue

Historical Photo:
 The Tree

Now, today.....
Have you ever eaten beef or buffalo tongue? I do not think I ever have, but in most western novels I read that the pioneers loving buffalo tongue.  I would assume beef tongue would be good.

Liver? I know it goes against the grain with many, but I am a lover of Liver and onions.  I just cannot imagine anyone NOT liking it.  Of course chocoholics cannot imagine why everyone is not head over heels in love with chocolate. I do like chocolate, but I would pass up chocolate for vanilla, walnut, pecan or orange sherbet with vanilla center. (Thinking of an ‘orange push up’ from my youth.)

But none of that is relevant here. 
I just answered the trivia question of the day: Which organ of the body can replenish itself?

Of course my answer was liver. Then I got to thinking, “Then why do people die of liver related disease?” You can lose up to 75% of the liver and it can replenish itself. The liver weighs about 3lbs and does a fantastic job of detoxifying the body. It also separates and stores nutrition and actually distributes them to the correct parts of the body when needed. (Mine must have pounds of ‘apple and nut’ stuff stored up and nowhere left to send it.LOL) 

The liver eliminates the waste after purifying alcohol, meds and ‘stuff’ as bile or urine. SOOOOO jack, you still like liver? ………Imma thinking? ……… Well I did say it also stores nutritious stuff, so the next time at Cracker Barrel I might order liver and onions. 
 I have never seen L & O served with a 'sprig o green' but I would eat it.

Yeah, I knew you were just waiting for a delicious discussion of Liver and onions.  LOL

Now about the tongue. I don’t think it is an organ, but if I remember my 8th grade health class it is the only muscle in our body that is attached at one end only.

The Bible mentions liver often in relation to animals, but does talk a lot about the human tongue. The tongue is a contradiction. It can be the sweetest and meanest part of our body. Most of us have taken a ‘tongue lashing’ (hopefully not given many) and I hope we all can remember being told we are loved. The smart person THINKS before they speak. I remember dad saying, two ears and one tongue means listen two times more than you speak. LOL

I have known several people (myself at times) who just did not know: it is TIME to ‘bite your tongue’.

Okay Imma shut up. Thanks for reading this drivel.
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betty said...

I have had beef tongue, LOL. And liver. Didn't like either (though like chicken liver, not beef liver). We ate a lot of meat like this growing up on the budget my mom was on.

So true how the Bible says a lot about the tongue and our mouths. Sometimes the best thing is just not to say anything :)


Lisa said...

I have never eaten beef tongue but I have taken a bite out of my own before. Ha. I am bad at speaking before I think somethimes but Im a lot better than I used to be. Now about liver. I have never eaten liver and onions but I do love some fried chicken livers. Cracker Barrell has some good ones, and I heard the KFC in Belmont has the best. I need to make a trip down there!

From rainy gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a coincidence you should bring up liver. I just fixed some for my dinner last night. I loaded it up with onions and gravy with a side of baked potato and creamed corn. I will have the same again tonight as there was more than enough for one person. And I do love having leftovers to warm up the second time again or even a third. I have never had tongue, except in the way of speaking. What we say we can never take back and I do try to remember that. The tongue is mightier than the sword. So sad we must have wars when things could be settled with words more than not. Hope you get your liver and onions soon. What a treat it is!

Chatty Crone said...

You can buy tongue in the grocery store and it looks gross.

Also my mom and hubs eat liver - but I don't. I am a baby.

The liver is a cleaner -

I have a girlfriend - who had twins - years ago - one of them had a malfunctioning liver- and not the other. It was the first time in history that a live was shared - it was done in Chicago - and today - like 30 something years later - they both are alive and well.

bon appetit!

Dar said...

The opening picture of the Tree is amazing. It has got to be way over 500 or more years old. It looks to be redwood.
As for eating liver and tongue....I've had both and liver and onions is also a treat in this house. Yes, the tongue is contradicting, sweet or wagging!
Chicken livers also are good but too dry compared to beef, just noting. At the farm there is always pickled beef tongue and heart. So good straight out of the jar. Chicken liver is ok but dryer than beef., just noting. Everything's better with onions and bacon. My liver must have been working overtime last night......something didn't set right with me, right down to the bile. GADS! sorry!
loven'hugs from up north where it's particularly cool out today. OK with me.

Mevely317 said...

That's interesting trivia about the tongue. I've had a couple loved ones who enjoyed liver and onions, but sorry. I've tried, but my taste buds said, "Oooooh nooooo!"

You probably know this already, but both chopped liver and tongue (sandwich) are featured on Lucky Dill's menu. Meet you there some day? :)


i don't like liver and onions, though once upon a time i did.