Sunday, August 5, 2018

OK I might admit, I am close to being OLD

Historical Photo: An old man working.

And another thing, since I have gotten old, I bite my tongue or inside of my lip and mouth more. I dislike that with a passion. When I do it, I let myself have it, and order myself, ‘Do Not do that again!’ Please!!!
I am getting sick of being told, “It might be best if you don’t try that.”  Actually I guess I hate to face it. Keep in mind, I am a licensed General Contractor. I have proven I can build, repair and create things in North Carolina. And dadgummit, I am pretty good at it (or have been).
Of Late………
Examples: I decided to add an apartment to this duplex Shirl was leasing. I was told, “You should not do that.”
So I cut it down to a simple bathroom. Then I was advised, “Maybe that is too much, let it be for a little while.” (I am being very generous of my detractor)
Then I came up with a great idea. I will empty the front of the coach out. Tear out the carpet, rip out the tile and install hardwood, bring this thing up to date! Very simple to do. I have a basement to store the removed furniture. If need be we can sleep in the house.
I was asked, “Have you picked anyone to do it yet?”
“Whadayoumean?” I asked, “This is me, I can do this, no problem, it is simple.”
Would you believe again I was ‘advised’, “I don’t think you should do that!”

I think I can do everything I have mentioned, it would be professional and a great job. It would also be a lot of fun. That is of course my opinion, (I am always right, some of the time!) But my tombstone is supposed to read, “Here lies Jack in the Box”, NOT “I told him not to do that!”

I hate myself for even thinking she might be right. But an indicator was, I miss-stepped and fell on the concrete porch a day ago. I didn’t break anything, just bummed up my elbow and some skin……………. Yes, I did tell her. We don’t have many secrets. MY head tells me this is not serious, just be careful. I am not even 80 until January! I am still young (aren’t I)!
I am getting tired of being wrong! I have been so RIGHT all my life. hahahahahahaha

AND ANOTHER THING.... I thought I had posted this entry days ago, it sat here in the buffer just awaiting my gittyup and I never gave it. I reckon, I am Older than I thought!
Nite Shipslog

 This was a 1956 Chevy custom.


Lisa said...

I never understood the whole “you shouldn’t do it” part either. I have been saying this a lot latley. “I refuse to get old without knowing what my body can still do”. Makes since to me.

Hugs from Myrtle Beach Travel Park

betty said...

No, you aren't old. You just have had a lot going on and its easy to let that sometimes cloud our thinking. But we aren't spring chickens any more so we do have to be just a touch careful with what we do; don't want a broken hip or whatnot to delay what plans might be in the making.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a fact, we cannot do everything we used to do when we were young. I've discover my limitations and just make the best of what I've got left. I cannot do everything I used to but still there is a lot I can do. You've got to know when to hold them and when to fold them.. I don't think it's a matter of people telling me what I can or cannot do, but a matter of knowing what I can do. Tripping and falling happens to the young too, but they do heal much faster. Take good care and decide for yourself whether or not it's something you should do.

Woody said...

I have taken the "Free Advise" and "I do not do that" anymore, after having 11 Heart stents implants surgically implanted, the Stroke of June 16, 2010, when someone says it, I take heed !!!! Living in a Senior Citizen Community they are a lot of "Lazy" fat people here, My Honey and I walk every 2 hours. diet and exercise, we watch as residents pass away, saddened because we knew that if they quit smoking, exercised, walked and slimmed down they just might have lived longer, We have been here 12 years, hopefully be here another 20 !!!!! You 2 take care, we are suffering from 90+ degree temperatures and high humidity !!!!! Gary

Mevely317 said...

"OK, I might admit" …. I had to show this to Tom" "See, I'm not the ONLY one!" I expected he'd laugh; instead, he just looks at me like, "What are you trying to say?"

Give the devil his due, he does take breaks and keeps hydrated. Maybe I should cluck-cluck-worry more over the dogs on account they can't talk back!

Anonymous said...

It certainly creeps up on us, doesn't it...


the fall may not have felt as serious as it could have been. my hubby is 79 and fell a couple months ago and is still suffering the effects from it. age is a factor, no doubt about it.

Chatty Crone said...

I bite my tongue when I sleep - it drives me nuts - I keep buying plastic teeth rings (?) to try to not let myself bite, but I still do!

Hey I think you have to look at it this way - know when to hold em and know when to fold em. You can still do a lot - I mean more than men younger than you - and maybe not as much as others - It is okay - do what you feel you can do and don't fret about what you can't.

Lol did that help?