Thursday, March 12, 2020

Epidemic or Pandemic

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For today (Friday):

Epidemic: an outbreak of a disease that spreads more quickly and more extensively among a group of people than would normally be expected.

Pandemic: existing in the form of a widespread epidemic that affects people in many different countries. AIDS & Coronavirus are considered to be pandemic.

Those definitions are above my paygrade in understanding. I tend to think my community (where ever I am) rather than national or internationally. 
When writing about the ‘pandemic’ of 1918 here on the blog awhile back I made the statement, “Sherry’s and my parents were in their late teens in 1918 and I never heard them speak of the terrible times of 1918 when 675,000 people died in the USA from the flu (?).”
I just looked over at Sherry and asked if she was scared, concerning all we see on the internet about this present virus? She said, “I am not scared, but it does concern me.”
I feel the same way. I am not sure how I should feel. I understand ‘scare tactics’ to bring something to our attention.  Maybe it isn’t scare tactics; maybe this is honestly so real it could be a back breaker to life as we know it. I do not want to be a “THE SKY IS FALLING DOWN” type of person, but I don’t want to be a ‘STICK MY HEAD IN THE SAND’ type guy either.    
I do not understand the stock market that is a FACT. BUT how can the threat of a Pandemic affect the Stock Market? Is the world economy so fragile that this could throw us into depression?
CONFUSED?  You bet! At present I understand that the death %s are much less than say yellow or scarlet fever, or am I misreading it. There is nothing the average citizen can do but take care of themselves and their families by washing their hands and limiting their contact with the rest of the world.
Most people pump their own gas; can I get it from the gas nozzle handle? Entering the grocery store yesterday the floor was awash with ‘handi-wipes’ from an over full waste can, showing fear and ignorance in a trashy attitude.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

In he store I went to yesterday, had to wait over an hour in line . People were really stocking up!

Dar said...

It seems that whenever there's an upcoming election, there's also the biggest scare tactics to test the president's concern. He's just as concerned as the rest of us. As a doctor had stated on the news, ' they ' need to stop this, meaning the media and political arena...the doc said they are responsible for putting excess fear into the country. I respect the need for staying vigil but as long as we remember the basics, God willing, we will survive this one too.
loven'hugs from up north where it snowed all day yesterday and the temp dropped yet again. We carry on.

Woody said...

I am nervous about tis Corono Virus, I have a weakened Inmune System, I did not go out and buy "Toilet Paper", We keep the Basement well stocked for say a couple weeks of food! We do keep, Nyquil, Vicks, Tylenol and 2 heavy duty Antibiotics from the Doctor in the Medicine Cabinet ! We are staying close to home, In Church Sunday we will not get up and "Pass the Peace" ! Hope you both stay away from this "Bug" and stay Halthy, Prayers for Health and Wellnes for you and Sherry ! Love Gary & Anna Mae

Jean said...

I will not panic, I will not panic, I think a panic attack might be worst than the virus. Take care, Jean.

Lisa said...

This Virus does concern me a little Im a germ phobe anyway but I’m not afraid of getting this virus really. I feel like the flu is much worst. However, It’s how people are acting that makes me want to stay in.
We went to the grocery store today (friday) and one Food Lion was out of a lot of things but the one near my house was stocked with anything we needed.. even toilet paper. (Though we are always stocked on that.)

Stay safe

Chatty Crone said...

I am concerned - but not really. Does that make sense?

Mevely317 said...

Great post! Like Chatty, I'm concerned but refuse to dwell on possibilities. Mostly, I'm confused. Another of my blog friends shared a phrase I'd not heard before: Black Swan Days -- "A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected and has potentially serious consequences."
Because of Tom's COPD, I appreciate that he's not inclined to accompany me to Wal-Mart, etc. Nevertheless, I hope Sean's still offering hugs. (*smile*)

betty said...

I am not concerned but then I'm healthy. For the elderly (that doesn't count you and Sherry) with frail health there is more of a concern than for the healthier younger person. The media blew it all out of proportion in the beginning and kept making it worse than it is from what I understand with my limited research about it. Frequent hand washing and avoidance of crowds and staying home when feeling under the weather is the best prevention. People are going crazy here buying out the stores. Thing is in time this will burn itself out in the intensity of it now, usually when the weather starts warming up and people are outside more. Our state has only 9 confirmed cases and several of them were from the same family yet schools are closing, churches are not having services, public events are being cancelled, etc. What concerns me more than the virus is people's reactions to it. Heard of a lady who was threatening to stab people if they didn't let her buy toilet paper here today in one of our dollar stores. That concerns me more!



i guess the toliet paper shortage is because everyone has to wipe their bottom. nobody wants to use catolog pages again. my hubby and i are in the high risk category. his copd, heart and kidney issues. my diabetes and autoimmune disease. we're being cautious but are prepared. both our daughters work in hospital and lab settings in healthcare. they have lots of insight on whats happening. things are very serious. even if you recover from it your lung function could be dimished forever. it's possibly our youngest daughter has been exposed to it. she's in meltdown mode until they get testing there. she's already on portable oxygen for a chronic lung problem. leadership in this country should have been addressing the problem back in dec. so we could have been testing in jan. instead of calling it a hoax and spreading disinformation.

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